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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Nail polish can be easily removed with these home remedies without remover

 Nail polish can be easily removed with these home remedies without remover


Lao likes to apply nail polish to make her hands beautiful and attractive. By applying nail polish, nails are presentable and hands look beautiful. Nowadays girls have different types of nail polishes like nude, glitter, matte and glossy nail polishes easily available in hundreds of colours. Woods who like to apply nail polish; they get bored with the colour of one nail polish and change the nail colour at least twice a week. Some of these women like to apply matching nail polish to the colour of their dress, for which you may have to use more nail polish remover. The use of nail polish remover can make the nails weak and yellow, that's why we have brought you some home remedies for natural nail polish removal.

Home remedies to remove nail polish:

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Nail polish can be easily removed with apple vinegar. Take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and apply it on the nails with the help of cotton, for better results, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice.

Hot water:

To remove nail polish, dip your nails in lukewarm water for some time and take them out and clean them with cotton. This is the safest way to remove nail polish.

Tooth paste:

Yes, toothpaste can be used not only to clean teeth but also to clean nail polish. To remove nail polish, leave the toothpaste on the nails for some time and clean it with cotton.


If you have alcohol available with you then you can easily remove the nail polish. Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and apply it on the nails and wash it with clean water.

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