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Friday, May 21, 2021

How much will the bank refund if 2000 notes are torn, the bank will never accept such notes by cloud storage

How much will the bank refund if 2000 notes are torn, the bank will never accept such notes by cloud storage 


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The Reserve Bank of India has laid down certain rules for refunds on torn notes.Based on these central bank rules, the bank refunds customers in exchange for torn notes.


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 There are many types of questions in the minds of people regarding torn notes. One of the questions is, if a large note of Rs 2,000 is torn, how much refund will the bank give in return? As a rule, you get a refund based on how torn your note is.

 According to the official website of the Reserve Bank, the current Rs 2,000 note will get the full amount if 88 square centimeters are torn, and half the price at 44 square centimeters.

 However, the bank is not bound to exchange all types of notes. If a note is torn and the notes are blown out, the bank may refuse. If the note is not counterfeit, it can be replaced.

 The thing to keep in mind is that the bank does not charge you for exchanging notes. This service is provided by the bank for a fee.

 Let me tell you that the RBI has clearly instructed the banks not to accept a single note which has been deliberately torn by the customer. If the bank employee looks carefully, he realizes that the note has been torn knowingly or by mistake

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