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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Recruitment of Education Assistants in Non-Government Aided Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools of the State for the year 2021.

What kind of planning did you do for language and early reading and arithmetic in the school so that the children could see the text?  No, level, divide your participants into dude groups and give them materials and things to do activities and studies.  

Provide animals / birds, transport / different sizes, shapes, colors, pictures and items such as ropes / la links etc.  Instruct them to perform a variety of activities, such as comparisons, sequential sorting, pattern classification.  Explain how nearby objects such as flowers, leaves, etc. can be used in the activity.  Interact with the calculation of readiness and initial mathematical activities and its important examples.  

That.  R .  P.  / Activities for teachers: Activity-2.  Activity-2, Divide your participants into two groups to understand maths / numbers outside the classroom.  Ask one group to make a handful of activities outside of the classroom through which they can promote elementary math. And ask the other group to make a list of things materials / books and other resources.  Which can be used for the development of mathematical readiness and preliminary calculations.  Allow 15-20 minutes to complete this task.  

Then ask both groups to present their work.  Activity-2.  Mathematical readiness and developmental activities for elementary mathematics: any one activity for pre-primary school-1 (children aged 6-7 years) and pre-primary school-2 (children aged 6-7 years).  


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You understand the difficulty of the activity as a teacher.  It will be helpful in the developmental learning of the children and will also be helpful in achieving the expected learning outcomes.  Activity-2.  Prepare a weekly plan based on the concept of basic math / numeracy.  Rank Self-Evaluation (Exercise Form): You can use the following checklist for your individual feedback. Determine quick ways to improve your skills as a master trainer.  After viewing this module, tick your understanding against the details shown in the table - Details Tick Mark space 1.  Benefits of pre-reading and calculation  Rich environment for pre-reading and arithmetic Academic studies for pre-reading and arithmetic.

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