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Saturday, February 06, 2021

MDM food security Allowence 9th Allotment paripatr

He also suggested that the Vocational Education Hrupant, a work experience program in the school would also be introduced.  In September 1975, Chan highlighted the need to bring flexibility in vocational choices to determine pronunciation secondary education and its vocational orientation. 

A second phase of vocational education program was introduced in Economic (VEP). A few states published the document under the title.  This document provides opportunities for group grouping, career and curriculum provision for students through a survey of skills requirements based on the profession.Vocational Education Programs 1976-77 The program covers a variety of vocational courses over a period of 2 years.  The National Education Policy states that “vocational education  The streamlined and concrete implementation plans of are crucial in educational restructuring.  

Highlighting the need to introduce vocational education in schools. The policy document states that, “Vocational education will be a separate stream, aimed at preparing students for business spread across different areas of activity.  These courses will normally be offered after the secondary stage, but keeping the plan flexible may also be available after 8th standard. 



 The Ekankar Plan was formulated in 1986 to meet the policy requirements. He suggested that under the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), the Central Institute of Vocational Education (CIVE) should conduct research and development, monitoring and evaluation.  Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Programs and Degree Programs in Vocational Oriented Tertiary level programs should be introduced in selected polytechnic affiliated colleges and universities in specialized institutes started for that purpose.  He emphasized that the vocational orientation of the education program should ensure that secondary level students are ready to choose a career.  To guide the participants to understand the importance of based education  Procedure: Create three groups of trainees in each group.

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