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Friday, February 12, 2021

Matter of sending information of vacancies of Vidyashayak

Puma gives the opportunity to ask and express their likes and dislikes, B. Opportunity.  |  Living and merging planes are smaller than what makes small experiences comparable. 

 Therefore, it is important for teachers to be aware of the fact that discrimination has been prevalent in Indian society at various levels since time immemorial, and that they can understand the past, the ideas, the efforts, the ways and the past.  , Link A and also India's leading floor from the breadth of its questions.  Couldn't stay lost. 

 Promos and inquiries about king-made ideas, institutions, and practices are taught to question society-made norms and prejudices An important component of the social sciences subject, which will teach students to cope with their own living experiences.  Thus, the foundation for analytical and constructive mindset is laid.

Therefore, it is important for education to lead the discussion of the subject in such a way that the student looks at the existing institutions, ideas and practices and asks questions and connects with his past.  From time immemorial we know that discrimination on the basis of race, class and gender operates at different levels.  And Begum Rona is not even bothered to ask women about such discriminatory standards.  

Begum Rokaiya Shekhawat Hussain is a well-known academician and well-known literary woman who started schools for the Muslim community in Patna and Calcutta.  They were the culmination of conservative ideas.  They also argue that every religious guru has a low-quality mindset for the CO. 

In 1908, Begum Rokaiya had a remarkable talk called 'Sultana's Dream', in which she arrives at a place called Sultana's Lady Land.  Lady Land is a place where Rio had all kinds of freedom where she could do all the work of practicing and her new inventions like stopping mercy, making flying cars etc. Social and Pdiseat E - Class VII  Lakshmi was Lakra.  


Lakshmi La Kara was observed in a very poor situation.  He completed his electronic diploma after studying higher in such poverty.  After that Lakshmi Lak Rai took the Railway Board exam and passed the first attempt.  Lakshmi says that I like challenges and I accept every thing or challenge in which it is said that these are not for women.  I accept Padka Ray with confidence and go further.  Social and Political life - Class VII 123

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