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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Important information about updating teacher position, class, subject, mobile number and month of increment in SAS

There are ministries and various organizations involved in skill development, visit the websites of Padi Kho / Methi. 

Prepare a presentation on the duties and functions of the agencies and various agencies / agencies and the skill development programs and schemes implemented in their field. Self-Evaluation 1.  Standards Professionalization of Higher Education Department: ૩ Work Experience and Pre-Vocational Education Program Professionalization of education in Indian schools has been introduced under various names.

  At the primary and secondary school level (Standard 1-%) it is called "Work Experience" and in Class 3 and 10 it is called "Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPw)" or "Pre-Vocational Education", Work Experience Program Education Commission  The Kothari Commission Report (1964 66) envisioned the Work Experience Program as a partnership in school, at work, in the workshop, on the farm, in the factory, or in other productive situations. 

 It should motivate the learners for the values ​​related to physical work self-reliance, cooperation, tolerance, support, work ethic, attitude and sub-work and concern for the community. However, adequate time tablebin in schools - non-experimental allocation of courses.  

Various reasons such as nature, insufficient funding and non-availability of trained teachers and raw materials, work experience (WE) in school or socially useful product  Implementation (SUPN / Pre-Vocational Education (PVE)) program implementation has been far from satisfactory. 


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 Central Rewarded Scheme for Pre-Vocational Education for Class 9 and 10. The Central Rewarding Scheme for Pre-Vocational Education (FUE) at the religious level in Nigna was introduced in 1993-94. July 1993  After deliberations at a national meeting held in, 101

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