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Friday, February 19, 2021

Ghare Shikhiye July 2020 Google form online entry link

Output education program in school.  Processes Adhyadhan - Learning Materials Testing and Values ​​cum Introduction to Vocational Study Course: Vocational Selection  Based on the assessment, E: Do?  In order to ensure effective hands-on training of students, the skills requirement to be carried out nationally and locally in vocational courses by the States / UTs of the course.  

Classrooms-cum-labs / workshops have been developed in schools, Haib equipment and hundreds of subject requirements and finance d.  The list of tools, equipment and materials for setting up a lab / workshop is provided by escvE with the advice of the concerned Sector Skill Council based on the limitations.  

Student (Admission) Registration Campaign, provision of special facilities, work nearby.  Ensure participation of specialized groups in vocational education. 

 Collaborates with parents and community based organization.  Spread through mass media (newspapers, radio, internet etc.) and rallies. 


Std 1 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 2 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 3 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 4 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 5 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 6 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 7 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 8 Google form Link : Click Here

 Awareness and Publicity Campaign Efforts are made to overcome the negative attitude towards vocational education and to engage young students in vocational courses, Vocational Guidance Vocational Guidance and Counseling Campaign is organized and mentored by experts and consultants.  A special guidance session is organized for the girls.  106

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