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Sunday, February 28, 2021

SBI monthly income scheme interest rate 2020-21

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SBI RD Scheme 20320-21: Recurring deposit could also be a special kind of fixed deposit offered by banks that helps regular income people to deposit a tough and fast amount in their recurring certificate of deposit account monthly and thus the speed applicable to fixed deposits Earns interest on.

SBI RD Scheme 2019-20:

In a periodic interest payment option, SBI will transfer the interest earned at each interval (eg, quarterly) to your bank account . Interest will remain the same throughout the lifetime of the deposit. Upon the maturity of RD, you’ll transfer the principal amount to your bank account until the deposit is renewed.

If you opt for SBI cumulative deposit, on maturity you’ll get credit for internet of TDS and interest earned net. Calculate the RD maturity amount using the RD calculator.

In all the branches of SBI, the bank will got to deduct TDS at the speed of 10.3% if the interest earned by you in one year is sort of 10,000. If your IT PAN isn’t updated in SBI records, it’ll got to deduct TDS twice at 20.6%. So, don't forget to update your PAN on your RD.

We have not yet done it had been only TDS:now, you’ve need to feature all of your SBI RD and other RD interest income to your taxable income for the year

tax is payable on this income, relying on your tax bracket . you’ve need to estimate interest income and each one your other income and supported this, pay advance tax on the dates of advance tax payment (15 September, 15 December, 15 March and 31 March).\

SBI also will issue you a Form 16A giving details of RD interest and tax deposited from the govt. treasury thereon. The TDS amount deposited by the bank with the tax Department is usually verified online in your 26AS statement on the IT department website or through your net banking account. you’ll claim credit for the TDS amount in your annual income tax return .

Top SBI life insurance Plans in 2019-20:| SBI Insurance Plans Plan Type| SBI Life – shield online Term Plan| SBI Life – Smart Money Planner Traditional Participating a refund Endowment Plan|SBI Life – Smart Humsafar Traditional Joint life insurance Plan| SBI Life – CSC Saral Sanchay Traditional Non-Participating Endowment Plan| People also ask| Which deposit scheme is best in SBI?| what’s the minimum tenure that a tough and fast certificate of deposit account is usually opened with SBI?\ the thanks to get tax exemption from TDS?| what’s the minimum amount of deposit needed to open an FD account?

Video Detail in Gujarati: Click here

SBI Recurring Deposit Scheme  Official website 

☞SBI RD Best Scheme: Click Here

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Keep Secret and Hide Pictures, Hide Videos and lock apps by Photo Lock App.Photo Lock App is completely free to hide unlimited photos and videos. Do you want your personal life really personal? Keep Secret your gallery and No need to worry when giving your smart phone to friends and family when Photo Lock app installed in your phone.

Photo Lock App- Hide Pictures,Hide Videos

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This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
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Q: If I uninstall the app, can I get my pictures back if I reinstall the app?
A: Re-installing cannot recover those deleted files. So please make sure to unhide and backup all your hidden files before uninstalling this app.

Q: What about if I lost my phone or broken?
A: Your files are stored only on your device and not online.

Q: Can I take out my media from this photo and video Locker?
A: Yes, you can easily export photos and videos using couple of steps

Q: Photos and videos are stored together or separately?
A: You can hide photos in photo locker and videos in videos locker inside this app.


Q: If I forgot my password?
A: If you Forget Password you can always Recover Password by your registered e-mail id and regain access to this app by click on forgot password option on lock pad

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Saturday, February 27, 2021


 Elections to six municipal corporations in Gujarat will take place on February 21 and to 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats on February 28, state election commission said on Saturday.

Counting of votes for the six municipal corporations will take place on February 23, and for the 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats on March 2.

The ruling BJP expressed confidence about winning these polls, while the opposition Congress said it would mount a legal challenge on poll authorities announcing two separate days for counting of votes.

The six municipal corporations to go to polls are Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar.

"Polls in six municipal corporations will be held on February 21 and counting of votes will take place on February 23. Polls will take place in the 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats on February 28 and results will be declared on March 2," Gujarat Election Commissioner Sanjay Prasad said.

The last date to file nominations for the municipal corporation elections will be February 6, while it will be February 13 for the other set of polls, he said at a press conference here, adding that the model code of conduct had come into force immediately.

These polls were to be held in October-November last year but were pushed back due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Prasad reiterated it would be conducted with strict adherence to all health protocols in place.

He said standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the polls will be declared soon, and five meetings on this issue had been held so far with the state health department.

EVMs will be used for the polls, of which the SEC has adequate numbers, but the VVPAT mechanism will not be deployed, Prasad informed.

A total of 47,695 booths will be set up for the polls, of which over 6,000 have been marked sensitive, and 4.2 crore voters are eligible to vote for 574 corporators in six corporations, 2,720 representatives in 81 municipalities, and 9,049 representatives in district and taluka panchayats, he said.

I reply to a query on the counting of votes of the municipal corporations and other local bodies being kept on two separate days, Prasad said the SEC had followed the tradition laid down earlier, and added that the coronavirus outbreak and resultant protocols had made it difficult to hold counting of votes for different polls at the same time.

Meanwhile, state Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi expressed his party's displeasure at the counting of votes of the six municipal corporations being held earlier.
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Second phase of corona vaccine :: The central government has increased the cost of corona vaccine to Rs. 250 decided

 Second phase of corona vaccine :: The central government has increased the cost of corona vaccine to Rs. 250 decided

Corona vaccine will be given to the general public from March 1. The vaccine will initially be given to sick people over the age of 60 and over the age of 45. The vaccine will be provided free of cost at government hospitals, while private hospitals will charge a small fee.

The cost of the corona vaccine has long been debated. The government has finally announced the price of the corona vaccine. The corona vaccine will be available free of cost at government hospitals, while a single dose at a private hospital will cost Rs 250. The price includes Rs 150 for corona vaccine and Rs 100 for administration.

Registration can be done in three ways
Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan and Empowered Group on Vaccine Administration Chairman Dr. R.S. The meeting, organized by Sharma, will be attended by the health secretaries of each of the Union Territories. At the meeting, the central government told the states and union territories that registration could be done in three ways. Advance registration using Co-Win 2.0 or the Health Bridge app, on-site registration at the Vaccination Center, and Facilitated Cohort Registration. Under Facilitated Registration, the government will rely on Ashavarkar, Panchayat members and women's self-help groups, which will provide the authorities with information on eligible members for the second phase of vaccination.

What is the status of vaccination in India?
Vaccination against corona in India started on 16th January. As on January 25, 19 lakh 50 thousand 188 people have been vaccinated in 35,785 sessions. It was planned to vaccinate at least 100 people in each session. In view of this, 3.6 million people were to be vaccinated, but only 54.5% of them were vaccinated, meaning that 45.5 out of every 100 people in the priority group who were to be vaccinated were not vaccinated.

If we talk about January 25, only 47% of people arrived to be vaccinated. The problem with the Covishield vaccine bottle is that it cannot be kept open. It must be used within four hours after the vial is opened. Vaccine doses are also getting worse as more people are not coming, some states have not even adopted the method of vaccination by spot registration so as to prevent the loss of the vaccine.

Do you need to be vaccinated?
No, the government has repeatedly said that it is up to you to get vaccinated, but experts are saying that if you are in a priority group, you should get vaccinated for two reasons.

You are at higher risk of getting infected with coronavirus than others. This is why you have been placed in the priority group. If you get vaccinated, you will not only be protected against corona, but you will also be able to prevent it from reaching other people.

Important Link::-

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

You can cause coronavirus infections to your personal individuals. If you stay safe, you will inevitably be able to protect your personal life as well. If any of your personal people fall into the high-risk category, you may also need to be vaccinated.

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Information on unregistered brushes in which girls are exposed to the number of heinous crimes in order to ensure their safety ૨ in which self-defense training is important to them. Session rescue training is a life skill.  

Helping to become more aware of the environment of communion and to prepare for non-Pakon at any time, teaches Kanpa to be mentally strong and physically strong so that he can build his nation in the time of Mukli.  

The techniques of self-help and self-training instill confidence in girls and help them in transitioning to the PCs and reducing drop-out rates in Shao, especially in secondary and higher secondary, through self-defense techniques, to increase the girls' inner strength.  

Are taught to do.  In the Mir situation, one does not need to be trained in martial arts to defend oneself.  Instead, a maneuver, a sharp blow, a blow or a punch is enough to stop the attacker.  Girls are trained to use everyday useful items like keys, scarves, mufflers, bags, pencils, notebooks etc. 

as self defense weapons for their defense.  Under the entire education, self-defense training is given for three months per registered government school for girls, in which Rs.2000 / - is given every month. This training is for bakeries of standard 6 to 8.

  This training is also given to girls living in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV).  State and Union Territories Nirbhaya Fund, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Police Department, Home Guard, n.  C.  C.  Or the state government will also raise funds for self-training through other schemes. 

School Safety Children have the right to live with dignity and access to education in a safe, protective growth and development-friendly environment.  The safety and security of the school should be viewed from a broader perspective and is not limited to structural and physical safety.  The issue of school safety has become more complex, with corporal punishment increasingly leading to bullying, physical violence, sexual, mental and emotional violence. 

 It also causes death in extremely serious matters.  Violence and horrific incidents in schools in the recent past, as well as murders.  There have been reports of rampant assaults and rapes.  Violence, crime due to easy access to internet.  













Contamination of videos showing pononga fees and drug abuse seems to have increased.  Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs are easily available, as well as children are experiencing stress due to exams, pressure from parents, teachers and pitcher group (sapthi) leads to violence and this camouflage to the child due to the exam wire and in this case it  Increasingly leading to suicide, the youngsters also made a few fibers or did not fry in any other way.  It is a matter of concern that they have a sad attitude towards the system.  A141

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Important Tips To Avoid cyber Crime

Important Tips To Avoid cyber Crime

More than 100 cyber crime complaints are registered in Gujarat every year

People fall victim to cyber crime due to general negligence

Crime Branch advises not to share your personal matter and details with anyone

In today's age of technology everything has gone digital, criminals have also gone digital and are committing digital crimes. Cyber ​​experts and officials are advising people to be aware of the growing cyber crime and not to share their personal details with strangers.

As many as 256 crimes were registered in cyber crime in the last 2 yearsn

Ahmedabad, initially only cyber crime was created under the crime branch. After which, as the crime rate has increased, cyber crime has been turned into a separate police station. Since 2018, a cyber crime police station has been set up in Ahmedabad, which only deals with digital crimes. The cyber crime police station has registered 256 crimes during a period of more than 2 years. Initially the crime rate was very low, but later it has increased dramatically. During the current year of 2020 alone, 131 crimes have been reported. It has also recovered money from several victims of cybercrime.

The highest number of fraud cases were registered in the name of PAYTM KYC

Cybercrime mostly includes online fraud, hacking, illegal call centers, fake accounts on social media, nasty comments or posts. Cybercrime has also detected a number of crimes based on technical analysis. Some criminals also commit crimes from outside the country, so it is difficult to catch them and some criminals use servers from outside the country so that they also do not flash, so those crimes cannot be detected. The highest number of cyber crime cases during the current year have been reported in the name of PAYTM KYC

The Tantra-Police organizes various activities to create awareness among the people

Significantly, the process of registering a complaint of this crime has now become easier, in which any citizen can also lodge a complaint at the nearest police station, with the system and the police department organizing various activities to create awareness among the people. Also, do not share your bank details and personal details by phone or SMS.

Police advice to reduce cyber crime

PAYTM KYC has suffered the most this year.

Do not give OTP or bank details to anyone over the phone.

If there is any fraud, lodge a complaint at the nearest police station.

Keep privacy in your social media account if possible.

Periodically change the password of e-mail, social media account

Also note the security feature in the special application.

Don't talk too much on the phone with a stranger.

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Download Stylish Text Application for your Phone::: Enjoy Styish writing

Download Stylish Text Application for your Phone::: Enjoy Styish writing

Write trendy TEXT anyplace and send to anyone while not gap the app.

  • Floating designs - Use trendy Text Bubble or text context menu choice everyplace.
  • Favorite designs - Manage list of most used designs and reorder them.
  • Input choices - modification text into Capitals, Small, Random, Camel and Reverse cases.
  • Style Editor - produce new designs and ornamental greetings with several choices.
  • Theme and {colours} - hour Blue and Pure Black theme with sixteen colours.
  • Symbols Picker - choose from a group of thousands of special symbols.
  • Quick Actions - fastly copy, share or swipe left/right for other actions.
  • Block Apps - Block apps that you do not wish to use with trendy Text Bubble.
  • 120 TEXTS, twenty NUMBERS and sixty ARTS designs, including:
  • BLUE, Double Struck, Script Normal and Bold, Frakture Normal and Bold, Sans Mono, Normal and Bold, Math Bold, Italic and Bold Italic, Circular, SQUARED, DARK CIRCLES, DARK SQUARES, SMALL CAPS, Monospace, Upside Down and Mirrored, Brackets, Square Brackets, Slashed, Double Slashed, Strike Through, Double Decker, Dots UP DOWN, Superscript and Subscript and many more.

Key Features of Stylish Text Application :::

Let’s open up trendy TEXT on your phone and begin writing stunning bio’s. Write a tweet in daring, ITALIC, CURSIVE style to highlight the text on your timeline. Write ornamental greetings and surprise your friends on their special days. Chat with fancy text in teams and be a special one to induce attention. Create some distinctive names for widespread games and earn fame. :)
Please watch below tutorials to know about how it works.

Stylish Text is an interesting app for creating decorative text with pre-made designs or completely original ones. It's a great option if you're looking for this kind of app.

Using Stylish Text is easy. It consists of two easy-to-use tools. With the first tool, you can decorate your text by making words with special characters to add a little originality and personality to what you wrote. The styles are predefined, but there's still a huge variety to choose from, so you're sure to find something you like. You can conjointly use very little shapes and messages created with special characters.

With the second tool, you can create completely personalized compositions. You can add text in several fonts, play with stickers and other additional elements, add artistic backgrounds, draw with a pencil, and more.

The last step in trendy Text is sharing what you have created. You can copy the text by tapping it, then share it with whomever you want directly from the app itself.

Send or write in trendy Text on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Allo, Skpye, Kik, Kakao, LINE, WeChat, hike and every other app which supports editing with Blue, Round, Squared, Mirrored, Curved, Slashed, Double Underlined, Dotted Underlined, Small circle underlined, Monospace, Parenthesized, Cursive, Small Caps, Chinese,

1) eighty five distinctive and delightful text designs for fun.
2) fast kind and faucet to send, no need to open app. (Only for Android 4.4 and above)
3) Direct Share or Send to any 2 applications.
4) Custom choice for two shortcuts from settings.
5) Long press to repeat vogue or single faucet to share.
6) stunning material UI app color themes.



Here area unit the names of the apps that area unit directly supported:

WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Google Allo, Google Hangouts, Google and, Skype, Skype Lite, Kik Messanger, imo, Tango, Kakao, Nimbuzz, Yahoo, YouTube, Viber, WeChat, LINE, BBM, hike etc.
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EC Press Conference LIVE: West Bengal to hold elections in 8 phases, first phase polls on March 27; The counting of votes for all the states will take place on May 2

5 state election date Declared

The press conference of the Election Commission has started.  The dates for the Assembly elections in five states are being announced. Chief Election Chief Minister Sunil Arora said that the elections would be held in eight phases in West Bengal.  The first round of voting will take place on March 27 and the second round on April 1.  Counting will take place on May 2 in five states, including West Bengal.

 Voting will take place in 3 phases in Assam

 Assembly elections in Assam will be held in 3 phases.  Counting will take place on May 2.

 First Phase-47 seat

 Notification-2 March

 Nomination deadline-March 9

 Scrutiny -10 March

 Counting date: Results will come on May 2

 The second phase
 Seat: 39

 Notification: 5 March

 Nomination: 10 March

 Scrutiny: 16 March

 Withdrawal date: March 17

 Voting: 1st April

 The third phase
 Seat: 40

 Notification: 12 March

 Nomination: 19 March

 Scrutiny: March 20

 Withdrawal date: March 22

 Voting: 6 April

 Kerala will hold elections in one phase

 Notification: 12 March Nomination: 19 March Scrutiny: 20 March

 Withdrawal date: March 22

 Voting: 6 April
 Also in one phase in Tamil Nadu
 Notification: 12 March
 Nomination: 19 March
 Scrutiny: 20 March
 Withdrawal date: March 22
 Voting: 6 April

A toll free number will be available.  With this the Code of Conduct applies

 The Election Commission will also announce a toll free helpline number.  The toll free helpline will allow voters to check their name list.  Voters will also be able to get their voter card online.  All polling booths will have water, toilets and waiting rooms.  There will also be a wheelchair.  With this the code of conduct has now come into force.

 Voting time will be extended by one hour

 All election officials are Corona Warriors.  All election officials will be vaccinated in view of Corona's condition.  And voting time will be extended by one hour.  Rules will be followed at the time of election.  There will also be a rule for home-to-home contact.  Only 5 people will be allowed to go out for house-to-house preaching.  Candidate forms can be filled as well as security money can be filled online. The venue for the rally will be decided.

 Voting will be held on 824 assembly seats

 The Election Commissioner said the election has been conducted several times in the states.  The term of the Assam Legislative Assembly will end on May 31 and the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly on May 24.  In a total of 824 assembly seats, 18.68 crore voters will cast their votes at 2.7 lakh booths.

 Elections challenging in 5 states: Sunil Arora

 Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that the biggest task for us is to keep the voters safe, strong and vigilant. The safety of the voters will be taken care of.  Corona's guideline will be taken care of at the time of election.

 Elections will be held in 294 assembly seats in West Bengal

 The state is currently ruled by the Trinamool Congress.  TMC won 211 seats in the 2016 elections.  The coalition of the Left and the Congress managed to win 76 seats.  The BJP, which is exerting all its strength in the state this time, could get only 3 seats.  There were 4 seats in the accounts of others.

 In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won 28 out of 42 seats.  That is why the party has exerted all its strength in the Assembly elections.  This time the election TMC v.  The BJP is done.  Here the alliance between the Congress, the Left and the Indian Secular Front is fixed.  Furfura Sharif's Indian Secular Front has been given 30 seats.  According to sources, polling could be held in 6 to 7 phases in the state.

 Elections will be held in 126 seats in Assam

 The last time a BJP government was formed here was in 2016.  It got 86 seats.  Congress got 26 seats and AIUDF got 13 seats.  Others had 1 seat.

 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu

 The AIDMK coalition formed the government by winning 134 seats here.  The DMK-Congress alliance got 98 seats.

 Sangram in 140 seats in Kerala

 Kerala, the last stronghold of the Left in the country, is set to hold elections in 140 seats.  Here is a coalition government of Left parties and Congress.  The Left has 91 seats and Congress 47.  The BJP and others account for 1-1 seats.

 30 assembly seats in Puducherry

 Puducherry Union Territory has 30 seats.  There are 3 nominated members in the Legislative Assembly.  So far the Congress has been a coalition government, but just last week many MLAs left the Congress, causing the government to fall.  CM Narayanasamy had to resign.  Presidential rule is currently in force here.

 In 2016, the Congress won 19 seats here.  AINRC, AIADMK won 4-4 seats.  BJP had 2 nominated members.  Seven members of Congress resigned last week, leaving the government with only 12 MLAs left and failing to prove a majority in the floor test.

Asam election date 2021

West Bengal election date 2021

Kerala election date 2021

Tamilnadu election date 2021

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7th Pay Commission Latest News

 7th Pay Commission Latest News - DA, PF, Gratuity, other allowance news, 7th Pay News,DA hike news,Gujarat D.A News 2021,D.A Hike 2021,Hike in D.A,D.A News, D.A Hike latest News,PF News,PF Gujarat News,PF Latest News,PF Latest News 2021,

Before Holi, the country's government employees are going to get big good news. According to media reports, the Modi government may increase the inflation allowance by 4 per cent. Central Government Employees.
The government may increase the inflation relief allowance

According to media reports, after the announcement of the All India Consumer Price Index and the introduction of the Union Budget 2021 in Parliament, the inflation allowance has gone up by 4 per cent. According to sources, the government may increase dearness relief by 4 per cent. Also can pay other outstanding allowance.

The recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission will be implemented

The government's announcement on DA hike will be based on the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. Currently the central employee gets a DA of 17 per cent. That's 4% of DA and an increase in total DA.

Read Full News in Gujarati by ZEE 24 Kalak

The state can run on the formula of the center

According to the report, freezing the DA and DR installments for central government employees and pensioners will bring the combined savings to Rs 37,530 crore this financial year. These savings are also being made in the year before that. Let me tell you that state governments can generally comply with the Centre's order on DA and DR. It is estimated that the state government can also save Rs 82,566 by suspending the DA-DR of employees and pensioners adopting this formula of the Center.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Wake up  Change.  Speak Telangana Giant Crickan Vs.  The police are in the coincidence of Rhea.  Bundles, Speak of the program.  Baked for a year.  The program, which contains the police department's 750 air cake rye against sexual harassment, demonstrates the need to include key teachers and teachers in the framework for school safety and security.  

In which to make the school safe and secure.  For all stockholders such as management committee.  Shik Co.  Rida Thoi.  Parents and mentors are being consulted on this.  As a result, every school can be given a toilet.  But there is a question of 8.3 rollers trained in the situation.  Which cannot be sufficiently made available.  In that situation the school teacher can be given this responsibility.  

This drink can be used to make the child aware of his or her distractions and behaviors.  7500 acres as a son in Sam Ratri Ma, j.  The Act does not call safety guidelines shortline emergency calls.  Can contain things like a complaint box. 

 For this, a teacher can be given Rs. 1000 for 1 to 12.  Why bike 2 50 has been sung to show safety and riverline number on the delay board.  Rangotsav: An initiative taken by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to promote cultural diversity among the Sana youth.  

The scheme is a collection of cultural activities in which schools across the country enthusiastically participated in the event so that every child could experience the vibrant beauty of different cultures.  In the fortnight from Rangotsav 9 to 17 Umebar 2018, a deliberation was organized to encourage the participation of students, education co and other stakeholders. 

 The main farewell of Rangotsav is the various activities of Sahan Arts and Culture to transform the school environment into a dynamic and fun place for every member of the society including students, teachers and other staff members.  To provide the right platform for those whose artistic talent and creativity.  











To showcase and celebrate India’s rich cultural heritage with its diversity and to provide age-appropriate exposure to all children.  So that they are different cultures of the country.  Language s.  Can understand and appreciate liquid food and manners.  To promote the spirit of national unity through well-organized activities to achieve the goals of "One India, Best India".  To promote a conducive learning environment in the schools, regular practice of integrated art should be done in the school on a daily basis (even after the Rangotsav) during the session.

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