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Friday, January 01, 2021

The world's largest zoo will be built here in Gujarat, a park will be set up on 280 acres

The world's largest zoo will be built here in Gujarat, a park will be set up on 280 acres

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 Jamnagar's rescue center is separate from the zoo. The museum will not be open to the public. The Rescue Center is part of RIL's social responsibility operations. It is designed to assist the state government’s forest department in saving injured or man-eating carnivores.

 The Animal Rescue Center is the property of the state government

 In this regard, Parimal Nathwani said that nowadays there is a big challenge for the state forest department to prevent conflicts between humans and wild animals and especially carnivores like pangolins. This rescue center will be very helpful to the forest department in keeping the animals. The Animal Rescue Center is the property of the State Government and RIL will operate it under the supervision of the responsible authorities. The maintenance of this facility is done in coordination with the Forest Department. Will be done in accordance with the regulatory norms imposed from time to time.

 The world's largest zoo will be built in collaboration with Reliance Industries

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