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Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 What basic qualities do I need to become an impact leader?  Key Characteristics of a School / System Leader: One who 'initiates' or takes the first step.  Maintains a positive outlook.  Is self-motivated.  Inspires and influences others.  Constantly striving to bring about change. 

Do you agree that in order to be a leader, one has to take the first step?  Think about the basic characteristics of a leader that you can add to the list above.  One needs to show this trait to be an effective leader.  

You can also check out the video link below.  What important leadership lessons do you learn from this video?  Audio - Check out the video link in Visual Resources Lead India Video 3.2: Leadership in Action There can be two types of leaders;  Leaders or leaders who have been appointed by position or who have come to positions based on being the most senior staff and action by leaders or leaders who have been selected for their actions have an impact on the influence of the people.

  In large numbers, keep them together by pursuing a goal and always stay at heart by their knowledge, skills and most importantly positive and active attitude.  These cannot be people of any rank, it is only their thoughts and actions that inspire and influence people that they decide to follow.  As a school head / system level worker, you may be an appointed leader occupying the head position due to seniority or others.  But are you also an active leader?  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  Some of the hallmarks of active leadership are self-motivated. 


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 Such as influencing another.  The power to build interpersonal relationships, think creatively and critically, make decisions and work with everyone on the team.  There is an inherent difference in the way you act as an administrator, manager or leader.  Check out this work below and decide where you stand while working as a school head / system level worker in your workplace. 

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