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Friday, January 29, 2021

Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for Board Examination

tandard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for  Board Examination 

 The question bank has been prepared by the District Education Officer's Office, Mehsana.

This will be useful for students studying in standard 10 for board exams this year.

Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for  Board Examination
Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for  Board Examination 

The dream is the first step in giving the school direction for development.  The dream is a must;  The co-founder is the canvas from where the development plan starts, from the $ DP to the level of Shala, there is a wise exercise, which will be involved in the school planning process.  

They give school staff what they have, what they hope for future development, plan and guide the implementation of Kiran 3.  The visionary objective must be reflected in the Vision statement considering the following factors while developing the vision. 

 Vision must be value-based, for example, to develop in students the belief that all can learn.  At the same time there should be a direction indicator that can be achieved in time.  Vision should be for a period of 3 to 5 years.  The School Development Plan is a roadmap that outlines the changes the organization needs to make and also states how to make these changes. 

 Three Phases of School Development Plan (SDP) Preparation School-based development plan preparation can be divided into three phases: 1. Planning Phase 2. Implementation Phase and 3. Monitoring and Evaluation Phase Step 1: Formation of Committees / Teams Formation Teams Preparation and Implementation of School Development Plan  Has been done to determine responsibilities for and enable employees to work in groups and use their potential and talents to enhance their feelings with the school.

  This will bring them closer to the school and its development.  For each school, form at least four groups.  Identify the following teams: Information planning process involves understanding the school, school data enrollment, future enrollment requirements, teachers and their duties, society (demographics), school facilities, staff, society and stakeholders.

The staff of any school of learning outcomes of students is an example of an already existing team, which can be seen together in dealing with school related issues. Staff meetings are regularly observed in schools.  So that when the goals and objectives of the SDP are implemented and fulfilled, the school will |  The position should be that there is such a measurable achievement that was included in the school development plan. 

 Is the process.  Which occurs bi-monthly or at least once a month.  As a school principal, you can familiarize yourself with the process of educational change through staffing.  It is important that we can also discuss issues such as (1) innovative study conducted by teachers in the classroom if we can provide them with an opportunity for improvement in the school by conducting work-based and education-related staffing.  Teaching process, (2) evaluation strategies for students 'teaching work (both teaching evaluation and teaching) as well as students' learning outcomes.  

Staff meetings are a learning ground for all teachers - to share the challenges of teaching rehearsals, to discuss students' different issues, the different students' educational needs, and to focus on new rehearsals as well as enhancing students' teaching.  Staffing is also required to facilitate the exchange of thoughtful dialogues between staff.  Guidelines for Effective StaffMeeting: Clarify the purpose for staffMeeting.  





સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન-SOCIAL SCIENCE

Meeting agenda while discussing with staff.  Arranging total time Planning time for each agenda.  Organize staff meetings around the agenda.  It is demonstrated by the principal, opinions as well as evidence are accepted from each member, let's finally reach an evidence based decision.  Responsibilities are set during the meeting as well as goals and responsibilities are set.  Ensure representation of all members in the meeting.  Regularly follow the agenda as well as review the decisions in the meeting.  .  .  .  .

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