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Thursday, January 07, 2021



Wing Functions Preparation and coordination of Saivalin Training Ghoj, આપ Providing Management Service as Central Branch.  To organize training program for head teachers and teachers, to carry out the work in this regard when the four subjects do not belong to any branch.  ધાર To determine the training needs of primary teachers in the district and to implement the training program.  To help other branches to prepare annual service programs of the organization in the district.  

To make wise efforts to increase the effectiveness of distance education programs in the district.   In-service training work to program the version of the resource person of size for Mau, • Sevai.  Ctin Ta.  Enjoy the Remorse Person's Sustainability Program for & M programs.  * To evaluate and monitor the quality and effectiveness of in-service educational programs and to make efforts to improve the quality of them, to distribute the printed educational literature prepared under the training,  ) To send the newspaper and the mouthpiece of the organization to all the temporary organizations of the district.  

Coordinate proactive research into diet and disseminate its findings.  પ્રાપ્ત Gain knowledge of academic experience, innovation and progress through interaction in the field.  To provide educational and practical guidance to the teacher.   Obtain details of beneficiaries in the field - prepare a list.  E.g.  Details of Std. 1 to 5 teachers, Std. 8 teachers subject wise, Std. Wise, qualified wise.  To receive.  

Obtain details of what type of training is required (2) Cookbook Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE): 'Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation franch.  The branch is a negotiated branch with all branches of the diet.  Prathanubav branch and is, i.  Branch Percentage are the supplementary branches of the branch, the rest of the branches of the institute are supplemented by the syllabus.  The main task of the branch is to strengthen the help through redesign tools and assessment tests.  59 Extreme - Creating information in the local language for children in the area who speak Vimin.  

To provide technical assistance and guidance for continuous and holistic placement,  Tool for placement - Preparation of Asian Mid-Term, Question Bank and Received Examination Plan, * To assist in preparation of necessary materials for the Department of Development in the district.  Submission of curriculum based on the local needs of the district.  Guiding principles for therapeutic programs etc. related branches, organizations.  Cinnamon, Teachers - To develop with the help of teachers. 

Sample test for this corti of learners in primary absorption, help in introducing reliable and authoritative method of urinary incontinence, provide information related to all other functional activities of chi diet, study cum material development and evaluation.   To develop modern methods for continuous and comprehensive evaluation.  Changing the courses from time to time as per the demand of the time.  Doing bibliography analysis.  (s) es va ducational Technology Branch): The activities done by this branch accelerate the learning process of the children.  The activity of Baku is to be developed.  Shikas given with the help of educational tools is more sensual.  Branch Functions • Diet Ranking.  


ઓફીસીયલ ડીટેઇલ નોટીફીકેશન અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Effective and low cost educational tools for various topics of marriage such as graphs, samples.  To develop Ataid, Shravan, No Taad and etc. Helped District Resource Unit to develop useful tools in education for recurrent and premature education બધા All visual aids of the building - Audio equipment, Mutual Laboratory, Educational equipment.  Maintain equipment like film projector, day dhra te ke shret etc.   B Momentary  To provide educational guidance to the teachers by contacting the nearest broadcasting institutes for visual programs and disseminating educational programs.

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