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Thursday, January 07, 2021

If you have a mind, answer the riddle below. Share this message with your friends and ask for an answer.

 If you have a mind, answer the riddle below. Share this message with your friends and ask for an answer.


❤️ + 🏀 + 💡 = 4

❤️ + 2 (🏀) + 4 (💡) = 12

2(❤️)- 3 (🏀) - 💡 = 4

❤️ - 2 (🏀) ×💡=___ ?

Answer : 

x + y + z = 4

x + 2y + 4z = 12

2x - 3y - z = 4


❤️ = x = 2

🏀 = y = -1

💡 = z = 3


result => 2 - 2 x (-1) x 3 => 2 + 2 x 3 => 2 + 6 => 8

Final answer: 8

The role of the teacher.  Starting with Malstone's D card, checking the foreknowledge to know the student's ability.  Take note of the student's abilities and determine the child to take the child to the milestone.  

To persuade lies, to regulate the group system of Std. 1 and Std. 2, to put the basket, ladder, values ​​and materials in the right place.  Use and administer the given material as per proper instructions.   Considering the local environment where necessary, use of surrounding material (Mud items). Attend personally in Judh 1 as well as keep an eye on all Judh (water 2 to 3.) Act as a facilitator  Living.  Getting the cooperation of the community as well as Walikhau. 

Adopting a new approach. મિશ્ર Making a mixed register of the child of Dhauraz and Pauraksh. વા Checking all the students starting with 9 cards.  કરવા To acquaint the students with the seating arrangement and symbols according to the kabaddi. યોગ્ય Properly combine the received material and the sample prepared by the children.  Make a note of the progress of the students who have achieved Maldin and ask them to take the next milestone card. 

Take activities and subjects according to the schedule and different classrooms according to the subject.  Here the maulva, * will become a teacher or explain the laveled card and will start the next activity of the child.  - Regularly contact the parents of the students who are irregular or constantly awake.  .  .  Pay special attention to sleazy learners as well as students with disabilities.  73 Role of the head teacher in the classroom  To appoint a teacher who is dedicated, enthusiastic and positive in teaching, except the head teacher is biased, 

The head teacher visits the class every day, to encourage the pragha teacher.  To arrange for the completion of all the facilities of Pragya class in the school / no classes.  Provide necessary materials in seating arrangements for children.  .  If the teacher needs money to build a TLM, he should apply the school development grant as per the requirement. 

Observing the children's counter report every month will guide and encourage the teacher where needed.  Provides necessary guidance by observing probable portability in the classroom.  At the school level * the headmaster will take the parents and the teachers in confidence towards the Pragya "approach and provide guidance and necessary instruction."  

During the meeting of the committee, the parents should be made aware of the approach, the rest of the parents should be contacted, and the atmosphere should be conducive for the father to be present in the hall.  * Pragya keeps the teacher away from amitis or administrative matters as much as possible and Pragya.  The teacher will make sure that you spend more time in the classroom.  

The head teacher has to play the role of monitoring.  The primary teacher is to provide love, warmth and guidance.  • The headmaster should be fully aware of the pragmatic approach Â, the headmaster should have a positive attitude towards the pragya approach.  To develop the power of Pragya Madarsh ​​teacher to solve the perplexing questions, to make the Kheri teachers of other schools also aware of the approach of Pran.  From the beginning of Kislu's Thogya, he will be able to observe what happens.  In the parent meeting, the problem / portable of the children should be discussed once in a month, Kana Nirni Ashah Na Khanamana.  .

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