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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

District Internal Online Change Camp Program

Will play the role of primary school head teacher and participants will play the role of various primary / upper primary school class teachers.  As a pre-play exercise, collaborators will ask participants (who act as class teachers) to create two types of predefined information.  (1) Innovation / new study method taught by him in the classroom (2) Useful evaluation technique in evaluating student's study (evaluation for study and study) (3) Achievement of learning outcomes of any five students (from different socio-economic backgrounds).  

The collaborator will give 15 minutes for preparation.  At this point the rest of the participants will help the role-playing participants.  After 15 minutes, the collaborator will have a mock staff meeting.  At the beginning of the meeting the collaborator (who plays the role of head teacher) will talk about the school's collaborative approach to improving student learning and ask staff to express their views in that regard.  

Now.  Collaborative staff will be asked to report on the innovations they have made in the teaching-learning process one by one, assessment techniques and the academic results of the two semesters of the students.  It is possible that a few employees express challenges to improve student learning, which can be shared with the whole group and try to solve the problem collectively. 

 Collaborate to make the staff meeting creative and focus on matters such as discussion on academic techniques, various assessment techniques and techniques to improve students' academic outcomes.  The collaborator emphasizes that the staff meeting is an opportunity for all staff to learn - to exchange ideas, to discuss teaching practices, various issues of students, to discuss different children's learning needs, and new methods focused on enhancing student learning.  Staff meetings can also be used to create thoughtful dialogue between employees.  

This is a great opportunity where a collaborator, in his capacity as a head teacher, can also demonstrate any new teaching-learning method or show a video of innovations to improve children's learning experiences.  The meeting will end with the next plan.



  It will be decided to meet after 15-20 days to evaluate the next plans keeping in view the improvement in teaching practice, assessment strategy and student study.  Future plans will have to be communicated to the teacher of each class individually and reported for review at the next meeting.  .

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