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Saturday, January 09, 2021

7th Pay Commission: Earlier than expected, Central Government employees were given D.A.

7th Pay Commission: Earlier than expected, Central Government employees were given D.A.

There is also a two-day workshop designed to focus on teachers as drivers of change.  Convenience for the use of this package: Capacity building workshops for the Integrated Teacher Training Program (NISHTHA) are to be held at two levels.  

The first level is the capacity building of state resource groups by members of the national resource group.  State Resource Groups will be formed at the State / UT level.  State Resource Groups will have Key Resource Persons (KRPKRP) and Leadership Program State Resource Persons (SRLPSRLP).  At the second level, state resource groups will build the capacity of teachers, head teachers and system level workers across the country.  Within State Resource Groups, build the capacity of Key Resource Person (KRPKRP) teachers and the State Resource Person of Leadership Program (SRLPSRLP) will build the capacity of Head Teachers and system level workers. 

Meanwhile, the Center has decided to increase the ‘disability compensation’ for all serving employees, if they become disabled in the line of duty while serving them and remain in service despite such disability.



 Therefore, there are members of the National Resource Group (NRGNRG) supporting capacity building programs for head teachers and system level workers and the State Resource Persons (SRPSRP) of the Leadership Program.  Suggestions for Assistants: Assistants need to fully understand the objectives and content of the School Leadership Development Module to improve the quality of school education.  It is suggested that as a first step, the assistant should read from each module and prepare a note so that while working in the workshop, all aspects of the modules are covered during the workshop. 

 The details of the workshop include activities, which are initiated only to discuss the issue in detail in the modules.  The assistant is allowed to select certain activities from the activities given in the respective modules for the workshop.  In fact the activities for the workshop are taken from the module itself.  The main resource person is required to provide web links to the modules designed for loyalty (for teachers and head teachers) to all head teachers, educators and system level workers participating in capacity building / training programs.

  This will allow head teachers, teachers and system level workers to download the modules and read them at their own pace.  O Modules are self-guided materials that head teachers and system level workers can read in schools for more clarity and implementation.  Headmasters and Tantra level workers: Head teachers are the primary level (primary, upper primary, joint) designated appointees or senior shifak of the school to whom the charge is assigned.

  Thus, the head teacher can be permanent or working, system level workers i.e. every primary education worker working at cluster / block / district level.  The names for the positions of system level workers used in this package may vary in different States / UTs.

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