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Sunday, January 31, 2021

visiting this TOP-5 beach in Gujarat, forget about foreign beaches

visiting this TOP-5 beach in Gujarat, forget about foreign beaches

You will love going to the beach on vacation. But do you know where Gujarat and the most beautiful beaches in the country are? If you want to enjoy the harmony of peace and beauty, you need to visit here once.

Gujaratis who are fond of getting lost do not pay to enjoy the fun of the beach. Gujarat has the largest coastline of 1600 km. And the beach here is crowded with tourists. Seeing these beaches of Gujarat, you will also forget the foreign beaches. There are many beaches in Gujarat. But we have found for you the top 5 beaches of Gujarat. Wherever you go you will find a view of the boundless beauty of nature. And these 5 beaches make you forget about foreign beaches too.

Most people prefer to go to the beach on vacation. People spend their holidays in a beautiful, clean and secluded place. When you think of going to a beach in India, you will give priority to this beach first. Where beauty and cleanliness will enliven your mind with peace. Here are the top 5 beaches in Gujarat. Your heart will be glad to see the pictures.

1) Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarka

Dwarka's Shivrajpur Beach is very popular as it gives a boost to the Gujarat tourism sector. The beach has also got the International Blue Flag Certification. The picturesque Shivrajpur Beach is just 15 minutes away from the Rukmini Temple in Dwarka. A beautiful lighthouse and rocky beaches are the center of attraction here. Shivrajpur beach is the purest and quietest beach away from industry and city.

2) Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Saurashtra, is considered as a host post for tourists. With good facilities, Madhapavur Beach has been successful in attracting national and international tourists.

3) Somnath Beach

The heart of Saurashtra, Somnath Beach is one of the best beaches in India. One of its peculiarities is that the famous Shiva temple there has the first Jyotirlinga out of 12. During Mahashivaratri, a large number of people throng there. But one can enjoy the natural beauty in a quiet environment on this beach.

4) Pingleshwar, Kutch

Pingleshwar and Mandvi beaches enhance the beauty of Kutch. Pingleshwar is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Gujarat. Pingleshwar beach, considered as the hub of beauty of Kutch, is a huge tourist attraction. Besides, the Shiva temple located there is very famous. Where a fair is also organized every Monday of Shravan month.

5) Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach in Valsad, situated between Surat and Umargaon, is a unique tourist attraction. Tithal Beach is one of the best places to enjoy in Gujarat. In addition, many places of interest like Saputara, Dandi, Daman and Udvada are located near Tithal Beach. So, Tithal Beach is considered as a host post for tourists in South Gujarat.

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અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

Apart from this, there are Miani Beach near Porbandar in Gujarat, Gopnath Beach 75 km away from Bhavnagar, Bhavani Beach, Hemadpur Beach of Mandvi in ​​Junagadh, the famous Dwarka Beach, Pirotan Island in Jamnagar, Madhi, Lagoon, Positra, Balachadi Beach which attract tourists. Is the most beautiful, quiet and clean in Gujarat. If you enjoy hiking, this is a must visit.
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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Circular regarding sending information of vacancies of Vidyashayak (Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8 Gujarati Medium)

The Government of India has set a target of Rs 400 crore by 2022 for the establishment of Libhi Ret Mata.  Has been done.  This was the purpose of the pat.  The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model hash, now established by NSDC, is a policy development, infrastructure development, development of national business standards, training, values ​​and skills development activities to enhance the employment capacity of the youth in the state.  

NSDC aims to impart skills to 150 million people in 20 high-growth sectors in Khalkh by the Government of India by 2022, promoting integrated work and coherence in India with the participation of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Sector Skill Councils (SSC).  

  To facilitate the implementation of skills development in the country, the Government of India has the following key features for skill development such as Central Ministries, State Governments, key features of development.  A separate Ministry of Development and Ministry of Entrepreneurship was created in 2014 for skills.  15 July of the National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015 to meet the challenges of rapid advancement of skilled individuals, its authenticity, quality and sustainability.  

Unveiled in 2015.  The policy aims to increase opportunities to engage in skills development programs to bring greater coherence between different skills development so as to allocate more public funds and resources, clarify its technology and its avenues, diversify training types, more private provisions and quality management. 

 Integration of Vocational Skills with General Education The National Vocational Education Qualification Femwork (NVE) was launched in 2012 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to integrate vocational education with general education and facilitate the transition from school to business or further education.  



It is arranged in a series of levels of "Study Conclusions  which are arranged in ascending order as 10th level. The orbit depends on the complexity of learning.  It is the least complex and the 10 most complex.  Colleges and universities have a comprehensive framework starting with NSGF Level 1 Diploma, (NSGE Level 5 Advanced Diploma and Degree, NSOF Level 6-10). Each level of NSQF is described as a statement of learning outcomes in the following matters: (  Table - 1) in which, 1. required process 2. professional knowledge, 3. professional skills

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Time sheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar

 Time sheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar

Study Objectives: You will be aware of this theme and you will be able to define pre-primary education. The need and importance of pre-primary education will increase.  Demonstrate an understanding of assessment of pre-primary education.  By outlining the relationship between parents and the community regarding pre-primary education, you will be able to describe how transactions with primary schools can be easily linked. 

 Activity: Ask your participants to share their childhood experiences.  (One happy and the other sad) Then discuss the importance of the early years and how these memories have a lifelong effect.  How the words and rhymes heard in the early years are still remembered today.  You can give examples of this.  INTRODUCTION: The need today is to prepare a program for pre-primary education which is conducive to the environment and habits of the children in the age group of 3-6 years, taking into account their abilities, needs and perceptual powers. 

 At the same time, there should be a curriculum that will accelerate their development. A well-planned program is required to emphasize pre-primary education and raise its level.  Through this children can develop the skills required for the preparation of reading and writing, as a result of which they can easily get further education.  

Pre-primary education has been given much importance in National Education Policy-12.  The National Education Policy recognizes childcare and education as an important investment in human resource development.


  National Curriculum Framework - 2009 states that at an early infancy level, children in the 6 to 8 age group are in a very sensitive and critical stage.  For the early years of education, children should be taught according to the environment in which they are familiar.  At this level children should not be forced to read, write and count numbers.  To prepare all the children above the age of 6 years for primary education till the age of 6 years as per Section 11 of the Right to Education Act-2003,

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The Government Primary School, located in the village of Dudena in Mar (Lahalampiti, Himachal Pradesh) has performed remarkably well.  The school is located in a backward area.  Extreme geographical conditions did not stop the growth of the school, Mr. Yewang Purigol, his dream of establishing a school.  Which is not the case with schools in cities.  The school is well managed, it is a small school with 2 teachers.  The school has a complete library, a teaching-learning material (TLM) corner, activity room, interest toilets and a playground.  Classrooms have fresh air and regular power supply.  It is interesting to note that the school is using solar lights that are environmentally friendly.  


Such techniques are also used to help the younger generation understand the environment. All these initiatives were taken by the head of the school, who encourages the school to do a good job.  They were turned into a unit that provides the logic power to contribute to a more sustainable environment.  Mr. Chhawag has also made arrangements to make a TV with the support of the villagers.  












This room is used exclusively for students to learn through multimedia.  Traditionally through the methods of rot learning.  Students are exposed to moral stories and poems.  In addition, students are also shown and made aware of the daily news.  The room also has a commuter, which is designed for students to learn and practice the basics of how to operate and use a commuter.  

With the establishment of the library.  Has come.  Other teachers and students who contribute books usually study in the library after lunch.  To make the learning experience fun, pictures and quotes are drawn in the classrooms.  The school has arranged separate classrooms for summer and winter which help the students to continue their studies even in difficult weather.  The school has a playground which has been managed on the initiative of the head of the school.  Mr. Chhavang

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Friday, January 29, 2021

Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for Board Examination

tandard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for  Board Examination 

 The question bank has been prepared by the District Education Officer's Office, Mehsana.

This will be useful for students studying in standard 10 for board exams this year.

Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for  Board Examination
Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for  Board Examination 

The dream is the first step in giving the school direction for development.  The dream is a must;  The co-founder is the canvas from where the development plan starts, from the $ DP to the level of Shala, there is a wise exercise, which will be involved in the school planning process.  

They give school staff what they have, what they hope for future development, plan and guide the implementation of Kiran 3.  The visionary objective must be reflected in the Vision statement considering the following factors while developing the vision. 

 Vision must be value-based, for example, to develop in students the belief that all can learn.  At the same time there should be a direction indicator that can be achieved in time.  Vision should be for a period of 3 to 5 years.  The School Development Plan is a roadmap that outlines the changes the organization needs to make and also states how to make these changes. 

 Three Phases of School Development Plan (SDP) Preparation School-based development plan preparation can be divided into three phases: 1. Planning Phase 2. Implementation Phase and 3. Monitoring and Evaluation Phase Step 1: Formation of Committees / Teams Formation Teams Preparation and Implementation of School Development Plan  Has been done to determine responsibilities for and enable employees to work in groups and use their potential and talents to enhance their feelings with the school.

  This will bring them closer to the school and its development.  For each school, form at least four groups.  Identify the following teams: Information planning process involves understanding the school, school data enrollment, future enrollment requirements, teachers and their duties, society (demographics), school facilities, staff, society and stakeholders.

The staff of any school of learning outcomes of students is an example of an already existing team, which can be seen together in dealing with school related issues. Staff meetings are regularly observed in schools.  So that when the goals and objectives of the SDP are implemented and fulfilled, the school will |  The position should be that there is such a measurable achievement that was included in the school development plan. 

 Is the process.  Which occurs bi-monthly or at least once a month.  As a school principal, you can familiarize yourself with the process of educational change through staffing.  It is important that we can also discuss issues such as (1) innovative study conducted by teachers in the classroom if we can provide them with an opportunity for improvement in the school by conducting work-based and education-related staffing.  Teaching process, (2) evaluation strategies for students 'teaching work (both teaching evaluation and teaching) as well as students' learning outcomes.  

Staff meetings are a learning ground for all teachers - to share the challenges of teaching rehearsals, to discuss students' different issues, the different students' educational needs, and to focus on new rehearsals as well as enhancing students' teaching.  Staffing is also required to facilitate the exchange of thoughtful dialogues between staff.  Guidelines for Effective StaffMeeting: Clarify the purpose for staffMeeting.  





સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન-SOCIAL SCIENCE

Meeting agenda while discussing with staff.  Arranging total time Planning time for each agenda.  Organize staff meetings around the agenda.  It is demonstrated by the principal, opinions as well as evidence are accepted from each member, let's finally reach an evidence based decision.  Responsibilities are set during the meeting as well as goals and responsibilities are set.  Ensure representation of all members in the meeting.  Regularly follow the agenda as well as review the decisions in the meeting.  .  .  .  .

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Encourage it to change and innovate in its own social status of reality 3, modernity.  To develop the exchange of knowledge and information in the formal process.  Whether teachers and principals as contemplative practitioners: Contemplation can be identified as a process of introspection and self-examination that keeps principals and teachers always engaged in improving and interpreting their professional mahavas.  

Homeland is an important tool / tool by which you can critically examine your practice.  Individuals who practice reflection in their professional capacity.  He is known as a contemplative, entrepreneur.  The teacher can use contemplation as an application of his teaching system during or after the class process.  In this case the teacher focused on his / her perception of the subject, how the lesson was planned, focused on the lecture or different needs of the children, perceptions, prejudices for the children based on what the teacher thought during class, whether his students are capable of teaching  The teacher needs to think about whether or not.  

Engaging in Rana’s constant contemplation can give a person a chance to improve education.  Which opens the door to new insights through the process of self-assessment.  Provides creative solutions to old problems, challenges and traditional systems. Contemplation is a tool to critically examine one's own beliefs and mental tendencies. Below is a framework for a reference that will help you.  1 f.  is needed .  (Left to right as shown in the table) This is a table that can help you in the first stage of your 455 mushavara of thinking.  Check out the video leaks by Dhyamo in Daya-Shravya: As a thoughtful practitioner, the principle of ‘as given by the teacher’ is applied in the classroom. 

Applying knowledge externally for the scholar 1. Acquiring knowledge through complex investigation and showing the study teaching in terms of personal and social experiences.  Exercises, homework tests, fieldwork and 2. Encouraging scholars for group work, in teaching rehearsals, scholars understand individual classrooms and learner's observations, interactions between different projects as well as courses;  To encourage group representations.  (Ra mane gane rike to some extent, eeu 781 will work.
Want and observe how the school development plan matures.  Each school draws its own map for improvement based on its specific needs.  Step 4;  The use of Vision Building Artificial Kanki Vision and collected baseline data can be a guideline for the preparation of a school based development plan.  

To build a vision you need to review your current role and your expectations.  You have to clarify on self vision and organizational vision e.g.  'Where you want to see yourself in the next 3 years (self-vision and' how you will see your organization in the next 3 years (organizational vision).  How does the process of composing a vision report look like to your broker? 'Keep your vision understandable to everyone. Use a sentence or a short paragraph.  

What is the style? Contemplate this notion as you interact with your school of thought. What two priorities and confidence do you have in helping your school embody ideas for the future? Want to improve areas and step 4: Prioritize your school with a vision in mind.  How many stages are there in the main preparation for? Choose priorities. In a way, you should have developed a vision statement based on the specific needs of your school context.  





Gives a clear indication of what to do, vision is achieved over a period of three years.  Describe what activities can be carried out each month and who will be responsible.  Examples: Identify, evaluate, and develop the learning needs of all children.  Development of teacher's subject knowledge and skills for teaching method.  

Teaching - Make the learning process enjoyable and a learning experience for all students and teachers.  SY 21 3 MONI.  Step 5: Goal Once you have developed your school vision with your assignees the goal comes forward.  If your vision statement has been for three years.  So it's useful with a vision of those three annual goals
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All focused areas should be identifiable by class observation.  Teams of observers, teachers and school head) can select a time of 30 minutes behind the assigned item.  During the afternoon, discussions are held about the findings. 

 Observers will discuss in detail what they observed in the selected matter.  Then in the same vein ‘where to take new steps so that teaching.  The study can be implemented for oneself and the school as a whole.  School staff and / or out-of-school supervisors may use the learning round in the following ways: A group of teachers use the learning round to develop their own vocational education. 

 A group of professors and school leaders use the Learning Rouse to develop school improvement in student education.  A group of outside experts (e.g., system level workers / DI ET / SCERT faculty) using Learning Rounds to support the school improvement process, a group of many school head teachers, is involved in a round of teaching at Yoks School.  

Learning rounds are at the center of the process that everyone is learning in a joint investigation.  It is not expected that this group will solve any particular problem, but it will get a clear picture of the solution to this issue and new ideas.  

There is a vision, a goal and a strategy to achieve.  The school-education and non-teaching staff, along with the head of the school, set out to set goals with the community, parents, and other stakeholders and provide details on how and when this can be achieved. 

The school has the original intention of directing its development.  Building a learning culture in school Learning culture in a school can be defined as an environment.  Which supports an open mindset, which is an independent pursuit of knowledge, and embraces shared learning directed towards school goals.  

Vibrant learning culture promotes continuous learning among school principals, teachers and students.  However, as a principal, you have to take the first step towards building a learning culture.  Your approach to learning, sharing learning experiences, getting feedback, and improving can serve as a role model that inspires the behavior of others and promotes a learning environment.  

To develop this culture where the team learns from each other and from outside sources. You can do the following.  1. Provide opportunities for professional development of teachers.  2. Study and recognize those who are involved in the study.  3. Respond and get.

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Resource The outline of this model is given below.  The educational supervisor can connect to the audio list as soon as he observes the classroom of the teacher, after visual resources, case studies and readings, this model is a learning conversation between the head teacher / supervisor and the teacher.  


Ask the teacher to evaluate his / her own teaching practice during the classroom, what were his / her teaching goals?  

What could have been better and what could have been better?  We do this because a dialogue starts.  Ensures that the teacher is handled first, builds the teacher's confidence with the supervisor that this is her own teaching and 1.  .  .  Is for progress. Describe what you observed as an observer during the classroom observation.  












Give descriptive information to the teacher about what you saw in the classroom.  Respond to the teacher's self-assessment.  Use phrases like "I observed." Or "The following evidence is ..." to describe what you saw.  Avoid using critical language.  This will help in building trust with the teacher on his / her own teaching and making progress with feedback. 

 Ask the teacher about understanding and strategy improvement.  How is our teaching and what can a teacher do differently in the future?  Give your own suggestions if appropriate but remember that your role as an educational supervisor will help the teacher to teach and change even when you are absent.  Stay together and decide on the next steps and commit to the necessary oversight for improvement.  "Cheney Learning Stages: Involve teachers and school leaders in a series of classroom observations in the Dori Sir study phase. 

Observe teaching practice as a win. The aim is to develop a practice for comprehensive improvement in teaching in schools.  This focus area is usually problematic for the school and difficult to solve. Differences in children's learning speed in a particular subject Concerns that some children do not meet their learning needs effectively. Use of higher and lower order questions by teachers.

Is.  This means that every year, you have to achieve the goal set by the rhythm setting.  This goal will also align with the priorities you set.  Targets can be short-term, measurable time periods of three, six or nine months.  In a year, you can set two to three goals to achieve the annual goal.  The strategy will help you accomplish the goal.  Step 6: Regulation and Evaluation Process Once the SDP is ready, the time for its implementation and timely monitoring begins.  The inspection team will help keep track of the target, you can evaluate the progress of the SDP monthly or annually.  8.  ICT initiative in school education Every teacher and head teacher / principal of the school has different strengths and abilities. 

They use these abilities for planning, implementation as well as classroom management and facing basic problems and difficulties arising on a daily basis. However, class size is natural.  Hypocritical challenges need to be considered before teaching to community and educational administrators, such as content, teacher and teaching ratios, availability of resources in the fields, language as well as geographical diversity.  

Every teacher and head teacher must be able to make sure that they provide academic leadership, take the initiative, solve everyday problems and ultimately contribute to the effectiveness of the school.  Plays information and communication (ICT). 

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Notification OUT, 374 Vacancies for ITI & Non-ITI Seats

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Notification OUT, 374 Vacancies for ITI & Non-ITI Seats

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Notification OUT for 374 vacancies. Check the application process, age limit, important dates, and other details here.

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021: Indian Railways Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW) has invited applications for recruitment to the various posts through Apprentice against the notification number 44th Batch Act. Apprentice/2020. Interested candidates can apply to the posts through the prescribed format on or before 15 February 2021.

A total of 374 vacancies will be recruited for ITI and Non-ITI Seats. The selection of the candidates will be done on the basis of percentage of marks in the Matriculation Exam. However, In the non-ITI selection, ITI passed candidates will be selected but they will not be given any weightage of ITI score. They must have only mark sheet/certificate of notified trade. Check application process, age limit, important dates and other details here.

Job Summary

NotificationRailway BLW Apprentice 2021 Notification OUT, 374 Vacancies for ITI & Non-ITI SeatsNotification DateJan 18, 2021Last Date of SubmissionFeb 15, 2021CountryIndiaOrganizationIndian RailwaysEducation QualSecondaryFunctionalAdministration, Other Funtional Area

Important Dates:

Last date for submission of application: 15 February 2021

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Vacancy Details

Details of ITI Seats

Fitter - 107 Posts

Carpenter - 3 Posts

Painter (General) - 7 Posts

Machinist - 67 Posts

Welder (G & E) - 45 Posts

Electrician - 71 Posts

Details of Non-ITI Seats

Fitter - 30 Posts

Machinist - 15 Posts

Welder (G & E) - 11 Posts

Electrician - 18 Posts

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Eligibility Criteria
Educational Qualification:

Non-ITI - The candidate must have passed 10th exam or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks.

ITI - The candidate must have passed 10th exam or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks and also must be passed ITI in the relevant trades.

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Age Limit - 15 to 22 years (There will be age relaxation for reserved category candidates as per government norms)

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Stipend - Stipend will be paid as per the railway board’s instructions issued from time to time.

Download Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Notification PDF Here

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Registration Link

Railway BLW Apprentice 2021 Login Link

Official Website

How to apply for Railway BLW Apprentice 2021
Interested candidates can apply to the posts through the online mode on or before 15 February 2021. After submission of the online application, the candidates can take a printout of the finally submitted online application for future reference.

Application Fee: Rs. 100/-
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