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Wednesday, December 02, 2020


 If you're trying to find a fun and enjoyable way to study challenging subjects like Science and Mathematics, subsequently STEPapp is the destination.  The STEP program provides you with a distinctive gamified learning format that's engaging and fun with specialist excellent content mapped for your program.

The STEP (Student Donation Enhancement Program) program is the brainchild of both EduIsFun Technologies, an ad-tech firm with a group of 400+ IITians and physicians, who have worked tirelessly for the previous five years to work towards a unified target To make learning enjoyable and simple. And technologies to generate quality education available to all.


Deveoped with a mission to generate STEPapp an excellent playground for kids in schooling by making quality education available to the many remotely situated child in the nation for a manageable price to generate education fun and improve learning outcomes.  went.We're leaders in studying through sargam.  We make it engaging and fun for kids to understand, making us stand out from the others at the ad-tech area.Personalized, simplified and flexible learning: exceptionally engaging material which produces a child's learning process lively and effective.  

The STEP program can adapt automatically to the requirements of kids with different learning rates.   Mapped its faculty boards, it goes together with college instruction.  Material created by specialists: It's produced by a group of 400+ IITians and physicians.Detailed progress report: Each pupil's progress is saved and communicated with teachers and parents, in addition to a comprehensive report of every chapter through SMS or email.

Worship and Guidance: Our specialists will advise the winners for continuing academic achievement.What makes us among the very best education programs is our learning technologies that keeps a kid's interest. 


STEPapp is somewhat like a child-based learning sport which claims that a child's involvement in learning and helps them understand concepts better and increases their fascination.

STEPapp doesn't test kids based on false or true responses, but depending on their own speed and accuracy since they are essential for kids to get competitive exams.

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