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Tuesday, December 29, 2020



Game training is a complex process.  Through which the player is prepared for high performance. (R. K. Sharma, Sports Training or Scientific Theory, (First Edition; New Delhi: Krida Sahitya Prakashan, 2000)

 At the root of today's global unrest is the lack of true education.  The need for education has never been greater than it is today.  Until now the world was in such a state that even the lack of education was not a challenge to human existence.  Education today and even true education is most needed, because today we are in danger of annihilation.  This fear has arisen out of ignorance.  That ignorance is due to the lack of true education.


These prerequisites have expanded the gap between upper- and middle-economic sections, also as urban and rural populations of our country. The infrastructure challenges in online education have rendered unprivileged learners helpless.


ધોરણ-૧ ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૨  ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૩ ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૪ ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૫ હીન્દી વિડીયો

We do not have a transparent vision of education.  Educators do not have a pole of education that can be taken into account.

 Pedagogy can be compared to Sarita.  There is a big difference between Sarita and the lake and there are two reasons for it.  One is that the Sarita is flowing while the lake is flowing;  The second reason is that Sarita has a goal and the lake to meet that sea is aimless.  The science of education should not be confined like a lake but like a river.  Only if that scripture is ever-new and ever-growing can it put fragrance in the human flowers of the world.

ધોરણ-૬ ગુજરાતી  વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૭ ગુજરાતી  વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૮ ગુજરાતી  વિડીયો

ધોરણ-10 SCIENCE વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૧૨  BIOLOGY વિડીયો 

 This happens when we have a certain vision, philosophy and philosophy about education.  Today we teach and children also teach.  This teaching is not the same teaching.  Such learning should be helpful in shaping and building a child's life.  That is why education, not just education, should be given to children.

 What is true education?  What is its definition?  What is its goal?  It takes a lot of thinking to answer these complex questions - what the curriculum should be like, what the teaching methods should be like.

 There was a time when kings were ruled by sages because sages bowed before the state power.  Brahmarshi was the leader and Rajarshi was second. Rajtej worked in the regulation of Brahmatej.  Dasharatha stood up and gave asanas to Vasishta. This situation also changed with the passage of time and creation.  Over time, the gurus became statesmen.  The first teacher to accept Rajyashraya was Guru Drona.  Probably since then the reputation of the teacher in the society has been declining.  The word Guru means the one who removes darkness.  It is the job of the teacher to remove the darkness of ignorance from the society. It can be done only through true education. But what is true education?  Many thinkers have tried to answer this question.  The word education in English has two words: “E” and “Duco”.  ‘E’ means ‘out of’ and ‘Duco’ means ‘I lead’.  Thus, education is the art of bringing out the physical, mental and spiritual strength of a child.  The teacher who does this is the artist.  The artisan is the one who cultivates the universal talent of the child.  The gardener is the one who cultivates the mankusumos of the cosmos.  (Gunwant Shah and Dhanwant Desai, Shikshan Darshan, (6th edition, Ahmedabad: BS Shah Prakashan, 2004-2005)  Trying to bring out what is lying is the same price of education. Something we cultivate does not mean to change its quality or its quality, but we reveal the hidden qualities in it. So education can also mean cultivating.  Literacy in terms of meaning is not counted in education. Even if that knowledge makes us MA or in a Sanskrit school we have got as much knowledge in Sanskrit as Shastri. Even the highest literacy is a great tool in education or education, but education itself  The human body, the mind and the soul are the three things in which the soul is the permanent part of the human being, in which the business of the body and the mind is adorned.  Can be said.

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