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Friday, December 18, 2020



Let's think a little later to understand education from the internet.  We know that change is the law of the world.  There was a time when studies and teaching were done in Gurukul or Vidyapeeths according to the Guru-Shishya tradition.  It was an excellent method over time.  The way changed with the passage of time.  The failure to bring about the expected change in time before the beginning of Muslim rule in India left the masses largely deprived of education.  

This does not mean that the worship of knowledge ceased, but that a large section of the population began to separate from education.  This was a time when many discoveries and researches were done in India and we were ahead of the world in many fields of knowledge.  

The only question was that knowledge had become limited to some people.  After that, further changes began to take place with the spread of Muslim rule.  In an era of upheaval in society, statehood and war were considered more important than education.  And the reason for the establishment of English rule after that may be that the general public, even some of the kings and maharajas, did not know about the future effects of nationalism, cultural consciousness, events happening today. 

 Taking advantage of the infighting, jealousy and hatred, the British not only plundered the country but also took it back centuries socially and culturally.

There are and can be many reasons why we have suffered all this.  However, the most influential and fundamental reason is the lack of education in the masses and the fact that we have not adapted to the global educational and social changes at the right time.  In ancient times, change was slower and faster, and the present is a time of rapid change and evolution.  We know that the experienced have a better or better understanding.  But nowadays there are changes in technology or way of life that children and young people are updated quickly and Motera may understand slowly and some may not even understand or adopt the change.


 The world is changing and a lot has changed.  In the world, instead of teaching, the method of teaching has come.  In our society even today mobile or internet pornography or social media is limited enough.  Disadvantages spread faster than abuse and advantages than the use of inventions and we are affected more intensely there.  As far as education is concerned from the internet, many parents try to use the internet positively and keep their children away from the internet instead of turning them towards it.  Schools ban mobile.  Everyone needs to maintain order, but along with the system, innovative and positive change must also be encouraged.

Our education system is the method adopted by the British to produce clerks.  It has changed but like Thigda.  Study has become a source of joy.  Not only students but also teachers and educational institutions do not seem to have a happy working environment.  There may be exceptions and even in such an adverse situation it is commendable that some institutions or children excel but the general situation is not noble.  We do not allow the child to learn on his own or to be curious.  Children who spend time learning something new, playing sports or special aptitude get low marks in exams, not only parents and teachers but also those who do not recognize them.  Marcus's love is so magically spread that only a few can survive.

 In today's world of online education or say internet education is very widespread.  We also have to embrace it.  According to the child's interest, convenience and excellent education can be given through the Internet.  It is time for the government or society or then the individual to spread education through the internet in any way possible.  Education is possible only through the internet with immense literature and innovative technology.  

An expert lecture on a chapter at two o'clock at night can only be served online.  Early in the morning the child sits down to study and if he has any question, the answer can be found only through internet.  No organization or government can teach any subject anywhere but the internet.  If students want to find pearls from the sea, they have to connect with new technology.  If we teach them to find their need from the ocean of knowledge, then the rest of the shortcomings will be filled by them.


ધોરણ-૧ ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૨  ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૩ ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૪ ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૫ પર્યાવરણ વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૬ વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૭ વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૮ વિજ્ઞાન  વિડીયો

ધોરણ-9 ગણિત વિડીયો

ધોરણ-૧૨  Physics વિડીયો 

The internet can be a boon for education in a huge country like India.  It is easier to connect more people to the Internet with specialists than to open more school colleges.  It is easy for many students to see or learn at their own time and place once the experts give a lecture.  The Internet is the key to bridging the gap between urban and rural India.  Q&A, online tests etc. are done by the child while preparing himself.  The government is preparing for the UPSC online exam, but we are slow in making the study online.

 Standard 10 or Standard 12 is the year of board examination.  In times of intense competition, children are known to be trapped between four walls.  The competition for teaching is greater than learning.  Whether it's language or science, math or social sciences, everywhere and in the end, 70 or 80% of the results are also considered my brother.  90% less in a good or preferred course.  

This situation needs to be improved through education from the internet.  The government also tries its own way, however, as the changing times slow down the changes in the inertia system and the lax implementation creates additional difficulties.  Aware citizens and social and educational institutions will have to work hard to bring about true and positive change.  The whole society has to unite to keep pace with the innovative technology and changing world.

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