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Monday, November 02, 2020

This is a different village in Gujarat, the entire village eats a quantity meal every day

This is a different village in Gujarat, the entire village eats a quantity meal every day

Mehsana: Mass dinners are usually clasped on a circumstance.  But there is one town in Mehsana neighborhood where quantity meals are held daily.  In Chandanki town in Bahucharaji taluka, species eat with everyone in the village in the afternoon and evening relatively than giving birth to a quantity meal.  There is furthermore a ready time for a quantity meal.

A whole of additional than 150 households live in the village.  Its cumulative community is 1100.  But unpaid to industry assistance and jobs maximum of the species live outside ide the village and only 100 old people live in the town.  Who cultivate tes.  A collective kitchen has been organized so that there is no difficulty in eating at such a time and the whole village gets together.

In which everyone in the village eats both lunch and evening at the similar time.  And just if a caller arrives to the village, he is included in the village kitchen.  In this meal, early the women eat and then the men eat.

This is the only village in Gujarat that has a quantity meal.  Although everyone who lives outside comes to their village during the Diwali festival, just then every ne eats jointly. No stove is burning in any of the cottages in the village.  Nonetheless, the Sarpanch and the youth of the village have formed an outstanding conference to furnish pure and healthy food to all the people of the village and this committee gives all the facilities.  A contemporary cafe has been set up in the village padar in which all kinds of facilities have been furnished

સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુજ વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

ast 10 years, the burgher have existed seizing mass meals in this way every day, although in the changing times, on the one hand, the family is prevailing broken and on the additional hand, everyone in the town is dwelling as a household and motivating other villages.

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