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Sunday, November 08, 2020



Battery Operated Three-Wheeler (e-Rickshaw) Assistance Scheme Gujarat 2020
Battery Operated Three-Wheeler (e-Rickshaw) Assistance Scheme Gujarat 2020-21 Assistance of Rs.48000 / - for taking rickshaw Plan to give a battery powered rickshaw.

The Gujarat government has declared openly a donation technique to motivate design of electric vehicles. Below it, the State government will offer donation of ₹12,000 for a battery-operated electric two-wheeler, and ₹48,000 for an e-rickshaw (three-wheeler).

Below the technique, the state government will lend a donation of Rs 12,000 each to students to buy e-scooters. It will furnish employment to learners from class 9 to college to acquire battery-powered to wheelers.

Declaring openly the scheme as portion of five improvement projects, ‘Panchsheel’ Gift, to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday today, Rupani also announced Rs.50 lakh scheme for charging e-vehicles for creating essential infrastructure. It was on this day, 11 years ago the then Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi had arrange the nation’s early a different Climate Change Department, long before the climate change occurred as a challenge before the world.

In a proposal to motivate the design of electric vehicles, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Thursday, September 17, declared openly subsidy schemes for electric two-wheelers and e-rickshaws. The scheme was declared openly during a virtual programme on climate change to commemorate the founding day of the state environment change department.Under the scheme, the state administration will lend a donation of Rs 12,000 each to students to buy e-scooters. It will furnish assistance to students from class 9 to college to purchase battery-powered to wheelers.Furthermore, the state administration will furnish employment of Rs 48,000 for the purchase of battery-powered e-rickshaws for personal and institute onal successors. The donation will furnish for first 10,000 two-wheelers and 5,000 three-wheelers.In addition, a subsidy scheme of Rs 5 lakh, to set up infrastructure facilities in the state for charging battery-powered automobiles has also been announced.Currently, the state has a total installed capacity of 35,500 MW. Renewable energy has participated 30 per cent to the total installed capacity, higher than the federal average of 23 per cent, Principal Secretary (Climate Change) S J Haider said.He added that the schemes will exist taken forward banking on the reaction it garners.At the actual programme, the CM declared openly the subsidy as a "Panchsheel gift" of five development schemes in Gujarat to commemorate Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 70th birthday.During the programme, the CM also stated that in a boost for green energy, the state government has provided subsidy assistance to 1.38 lakh houses to set up rooftop solar power installations.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani declared openly that the state government would offer donations to motivate battery-operated two-wheelers and three-wheelers.
Who can apply:

Individual and institutional applicants

Where the dressing form will be available:

Tillers of legal factories by Jedda and Gedaan website,

List Of Documents To Be Submitted With The Application:

Self-certified copy of Aadhaar cardSelf-certified copy of the license to drive a tricycleSpecimen of race (if applicable)

For Institutional Applicant:

Certified copy of the certificate of registration of the organizationSelf affirmed copy of the organization's light bill / property tax billSelf attested copy of the organization's light bill / property tax billResolution regarding the purchase and design of the organization's tricycle
Who Has To Submit The Application Form:

By assigning the application form manufacturer and model. : Must be submitted to Dealers / JADA office of selected manufacturers by 31/12/2020.

Emphasis Standards:

Individual - Rickshaw puller / Women Entrepreneur / Youth Startup Entrepreneur / Educated Unemployed / Scheduled Caste / Socio-Economic Survey.

Institutional - Co-operative Societies / Pilgrimages / Non-Profit Organizations / Local Self Government Institutions / Educational Institutions.
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How greatly donation is accessible from the state government in this respect Rs. 48,000 / - per vehicle

Contact: Gujarat Energy Development Agency (JEDA), Gandhinagar Phone No: 079-23257251 / 53

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