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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Download - eSanjeevaniOPD started in Gujarat, patients will get Treatment standing at residence

Download - eSanjeevaniOPD started in Gujarat, patients will get Treatment standing at residence

Download - E-Sanjeev's app OPD began in Gujarat, patients will give Treatment standing at home, Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us Please share with your colleagues this Post.

This eSanjeevaniOPD app will curtail the responsibility of victims on clinics

Patients residence in villages will give therapy at home through this app

eSanjeevaniOPD - the National Teleconsultation Service of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India aims to give healthcare services to victims in their residences.

eSanjeevaniOPD facilitates free of cost, safe & structured video based clinical meetings between a doctor and a patient.

Download eSanjeevaniOPD Mobile Application

A state-wide eSanjeevaniOPD mobile app has been inaugurated in Gujarat to lessen the responsibility of OPD of victims in hospitals and clinics and to furnish free in-home therapy to the people..

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel established eSanjeevaniOPD through video conferencing from Gandhinagar.

The Chief Minister described this eSanjeevaniOPD as an outstanding normals of giving free treatment at government sanitariums and health centers along with prescribing home remedies for common ailments to the OPD victim during the Korona era.

He announced that this creative method of getting home-based drug treatment is a timely right job at the right time during the growth to corona..

Now with this eSanjeevaniOPD our civilization of turning emergency into chance has evolve more apparent..

eSanjeevaniOPD app features two-way video calling: The feature of two-way video calling in this mobile app will occur in additional intercourse between the sufferer and the doctor..

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel told that in the e-age, just like economic transactions, services including city-metropolitan tax are accessible online, now this assistancence of public health and well-being will also be accessible at home with one click..

Nitinbhai Patel subtracted that patients living in villages can be treated and analyzed at home through this app..

They will be alleviated from the circumstance of having to come to CHC / PHC or hospital for treatment.

Around this app, a system has existed formulated so that doctors can make a proper diagnosis and, if necessary, get the opinion of a consultant doctor and treat him according to his advice..

This phone diagnostic assistance is a prominent instance of the design of new technology in the area of health and telemedicine.

Explanation Facial Appearance of this Civilian Pleasant web-based Inhabitant Teleconsultation Ceremony (eSanjeevaniOPD) Are:

Patient Registration

Family Member Registration

Institutional Registration (like correctional facilities, Sr. Citizen Homes, Orphanages etc.)

Queue Management

Video Consultation with a Doctor

Instant messaging (text-based)


SMS Notifications

Serviced by Doctors employed


User verifies his/her mobile no. using OTP

Fills Patient Registration Form

eSanjeevaniOPD assigns a Patient ID


User invitations a token for meeting

Uploads health records, if any

User obtains Patient ID & Token through SMS


additional quickly to the halo eSanjeevaniOPD sends a SMS notification asking abuser to login

User logs in using Patient ID

Patient enters the clinic and is placed at the top of the prevailing queue. If there's no queue you'll be placed at serial no. 1


eSanjeevaniOPD assigns a physician to the serene (time interval is sure of on the strip of the queue)

As the widespread practitioner is selected to the tolerant “CALL NOW” push button gets activated

User is crucial to click “CALL NOW” do up contained by 120 seconds

Upon clicking “CALL NOW” contained by 10 seconds the general practitioner accomplishes in capture


-Patient consults the doctor

During the consultation doctor has an gate to the patient’s Health minutes (if uploaded)


During the consultation, physician prepares an electronic prescription (ePrescription)

-At the apex of the consultation medical doctor sends the ePrescription and closes the decision

-ePrescription shows abreast of patient’s end.

-Patient logs out after saving/printing the received ePrescription.



Later the judgment eSanjeevani OPD sends SMS notification to the patient with a link to download ePrescription

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