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Thursday, October 08, 2020

National Talent Search Examination Notification, Exam Date, Registration, Eligibility & Selection Process

National Talent Search Examination Notification, Exam Date, Registration, Eligibility & Selection Process

NCERT for students researching in STD - 10, New Delhi Awarded National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is to be taken in two phases. The first stage inspection will exist clenched by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar on Sunday 13/12/2020. Applications for this exam should exist replenished online on the website from 17/10/2020 to 03/11/2020. 

NTSE Scholarship quantity and rules of payment : 

The selection list of candidates for the second stage examination will be prepared as per the allowance of the state as per merit based on the finding of NTSE first phase examination. The next stage examination will be taken up by NCERT-New Delhi. Based on which the scholarship eligible candidates will be eligible for the additional scholarships. 

Monthly Rs.1250/- for Std-11 and Std-12.
Monthly Rs. 2000/- for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Ph.D. students will get Scholarships on the basis of the rules of UGC.
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Inspection Program for NTSE : 
  • Date of Notification - 06/10/2020
  • Application Form for Examination on Website Period of Online Filling from - 17/10/2020 to 03/11/2020 
  • Period for Examination Fee to be paid at Post Office - 17/10/2020 to 03/11/2020
  • Period for online payment of examination fee - 17/10/2020 to 03/11/2020 
  • Application forms filled by the school Last date to submit to the DEO office - 09/11/2020 
  • DEO office Deadline for online approval on login provided by State Examination Board - 18/11/2020 
  • Exam Date - 13/12/2020
Eligibility of the learner :

  • In the recent academic year, the student who exists studying in Std-10 in any recognized board of government school, grant-aided school, private school, local body school or any other recognized school in the state of Gujarat will be eligible to take the NTSE examination.
  • Students who are studying in Open Learning Distance (Open Learning Distance) who are under 18 years of age on 1/07/2020, who are not helping as well as who will be seeming in Std-10 examination for the early time also tookNTSE exam will exist able to.
  • Indian students studying abroad in Std-10 will be able to directly apply for the second phase examination. For this, the application form which will be disseminated on the website of NCERT in January 2021 has to be replenished by 28/02/2021 as prescribed by NCERT. 
Revenue Limit for NTSE:

Revenue limit is not to be considered in this inspection as decided by New Delhi. The student who authorizes for the scholarship will receive the full scholarship.

Analysis Fee for NTSE:

  • Analysis fee for General category students will be Rs.70
  • P.H., OBC, S.C. and S.T. Examination fee for category students will be Rs.50/- 
  • Service charge will have to be paid separately. 
  • Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Fee Acceptance Center : 

  • As a fee acceptance center, after filling the application form in the computerized post offices of Gujarat, the fee can be printed and the fee can be paid. 
  • Two of the three-part printed currency will be returned by the post office. The post office will have to check whether the fee has been paid from the confirmation number along with the receipt issued by the post office. 
  • You can also pay the examination fee through ATM CARD / NET BANKING through online payment gateway. Click on "Print Application / Challan" to deposit the fee online and fill in the details.
  • Then click on "Online Payment". Then in the given options, select the appropriate option from the options of "Net Banking of fee" or Other Payment Mode "and fill in the next details. After depositing the fee, it is written on the screen that your fee has been credited.
  • You will get the receipt whose print to delete. If there are any defects in the process, it will be seen that your fee has not been paid on screws. 
  • If the e-receipt is not generated within 2 hours after deducting the fee amount from his bank account, the online fee payer will have to contact the State Examination Board by e-mail immediately. 
Exam Pattern for NTSE : 

Test Structure for NTSE : 

The forum of inspection will be English as well as Gujarati. 
The Question paper of the medium whichever medium the student chooses will be given. 
The test will be of Multiple Choice Question Based MCQS. 
Every question will have one mark. 
There will be no negative assessment in the examination of these tests. 
Random students will be given extra time of 30-30 minutes in both the sections. 

Authorizing Marks for NTSE :

40 % in each section for General and OBC and Ews category students 
32 % in each section for SC, ST and PH category students. 

How to pertain to online for NTSE :

In the context of this advertisement, the online application will be accepted by the State Examination Board. Meanwhile, the application form can be filled on The following steps have to be followed to apply. The application will be considered valid only after confirming the application form. 

  • The entire form has to be filled in English. 
  • First go to 
  • Click on "Apply online". 
  • Click on Apply Now in front of “National Talent Search Examination - (STD - 10)”. 
  • Clicking on Apply Now will show the Application Format. 
  • Fill in all the information requested in the Application Format. 
  • The DISE number of the school has to be entered for the details of the school. 
  • Now clicking on Save will save your data. 
  • Application Number will be generated here which must be preserved. 
  • Now click on Upload photo- signature at the top of the page. 
  • Type your Application Number here and type your Birth Date. 
  • Then click on Submit. 
  • Photo and Signature are to be uploaded here. 
  • Candidates in OBC, SC, ST, EWS, as well as PH categories are required to upload a copy of the certificate number, date and certificate in the form on the website. 
  • Upload To upload a photo and signature, first of all, your photo and signature must be in Computer in a format not exceeding (10 Kb) in size (10 Kb). 
  • Click on Browse Button. 
  • Now select the file in which your Photo is stored in JPG format from the Choose File screen. 
  • And click the Open Button. Now click on upload button next to Browse button, now your photo will appear next to it. 
  • Now you have to upload the signature in the same way. 
  • Now click on Confirm Application. 
  • Type your Application Number here and type your Birth Date. Then click on Submit. If you want to modify the application here, click on Edit Application to correct it. 
  • Any modification to the application may be made before the application is confirmed. But after the application is confirmed, no amendment can be made in the application. 
  • Click Confirm only if the application does not need to be modified. 
  • Clicking on Confirm will accept the application online and only then will it be considered valid. 
  • Now click on Print Application & Fee Challan. 
  • Type your confirmation number here and type your Birth Date. Then click on Submit. Print your application form and fee currency from here. After that, any computerized Indian post office branch in Gujarat will be able to pay the examination fee in cash or through ATM CARD / NET BANKING through online payment gateway.
Mandatory Aadhaar / Certificates for NTSE : 

The following Aadhaar / Certificates should be fastened along with the print out of the online application form. 
Certified copy of the certificate of fee payment money (SEB copy only) category (if applicable).
Certified copy of Certificate of Disability (if applicable) Certified copy of Non - Creamy layer Certificate (if there is OBC category student in Central Government list). 

Action to be taken by the school : 

It will be the full responsibility of the school to fill up the application forms for the students online. 
All the online application forms filled by the school should be signed by the principal and submitted to the office of the District Education Officer by 09/11/2020 along with the required grounds / certificates.
Procedure to be done by the office of the District Education Officer : 

The office of the District Education Officer has to verify the application forms received from the school along with the basis and approve the login given by the State Examination Board online by 18/11/2020 and hard copy of all the application forms on 23/11/2020. Must be submitted at State Examination Board, Gandhinagar.NTSE Second Phase Examination : 

In the first phase, the second phase examination of the students coming in merit in the fixed quota of the state will be conducted by NCERT, NEW DELHI on 13/06/2021 at Gandhinagar. 

The following qualified reserves have been fixed for Stage-2

15% seats will be reserved for the SC category. 
7.5% seats will be reserved for the ST category. 
27% seats will be reserved for the OBC category. OBC The benefit of the reserve will be available to those who are included in the center list and are non-criminals. The center list of OBC is attached herewith. (Only the cast mentioned in that list will get the benefit of OBC category.
10% seats will be reserved for EWS category. (Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and socially and educationally For the benefit of the new reserve policy to the economically weaker sections of the castes other than the backward classes / other backward classes, the total income of the State Government from all sources of the applicant's family is less than Rs. 2,00,000 / - (Rs. It has been decided to give the benefit of reservation to the candidates. 3% seats will be reserved for PH category.
The classification of 4 % reserved seats in the P.H. category will be as follows. The different pHs shown below. 1% for category (a), 1% for category (b), 1% for category (C) and 1% for category (d) and (e). a) Blindness and Low Vision (BLV) b) Deaf and hard of hearing (DH) c) Locomotor disability including cerebral palsy, leprosy cured, dwarfism, acid attack victims and muscular dystrophy (LD) d) Autism, intellectual disabilities, specific learning disability and mental illness (AID) e) Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (a) to (d) including deaf blindness in the posts identified for each disability (MD).

NTSE Guidance Instructions : 

  • The District Education Officer must send a copy of this statement to all government schools, grant aided schools, private, self-reliant schools of any recognized board under his jurisdiction by 10/10/2020 and send a copy of that letter to the office here. 
  • The office of the concerned District Education Officer will have to ensure that no notification is received from any school or there is no complaint of delay. 
  • It will exist the sole responsibility of the school to fill up the application forms for the students online. 
  • All the online application forms filled by the school should be signed by the principal and submitted to the office of the District Education Officer by 09/11/2020 along with the compelled grounds / certificates. 
  • The office of the District Education Officer has checked all the applications along with the grounds and after online approval on the login given by the State Examination Board by 18/11/2020, the hard copy of the application forms has to be submitted at the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar by 23/11/2020.

  • Significant Teachings :

  • If a student or a school sends their application form directly to the State Examination Board, it will be considered canceled. 
  • Application form must be filled online accurately. Name, surname, date of birth, caste or any other matter will not be later amended by the Board to take special note.
  • OBC category students are required to upload caste certificate as well as non-criminal certificate and sc, ST, EWS, as well as PH category students are required to upload the certificate on the website. 
  • OBC, SC, ST, EWS, as well as the certificate uploaded by the students of PH category will be the responsibility of the concerned. If you find any difficulty in filling the application form, contact the phone number given on the website. 
Providing a press note listening to the journal of the announcement in the educational magazines and newspapers published from the district level, requesting to make efforts to fill in the application form of at least 5 (five) students from each college of the disease.

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