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Friday, October 09, 2020

Latest Shixan Sahayak Bharti Diamond Highschool Chitravad

Latest Shixan Sahayak Bharti Diamond Highschool Chitravad

Sadachar Education Trust-Junagadh supervised, Diamond High School-Chitravad, Ta. Talala, District. Gir-Somnath to fill the opening of the subsequent topic for spiritual youth school. The additional pre-approval (NOC) has been earned from the District Education Officer, Gir-Somnath)

Clarify for which broadcast the Sha / Shikshan / other applicant is pertaining.
Competitors with capabilities pertained to the over patients should accept their deadest passport with impression in 10 days after the advertising is disseminated ahead with certified manuscripts of Std-12 or older SSC 
graduate, postgraduate, level as well as experienced capability marks, diplomae of knowledge and all additional diplomae. Apply in the similar way as earned from Post AD at the additional address Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Level Degree UGC. Must be attained from a university comprehended by
The finding of the Government of Gujarat to implement the Education Aptitude Test (TAT) has been quelled by the Hon'ble High Court. So that this decision by the government

It will be compelling on the selected candidate to be questioned or to seize any litigation and whatever the outcome will be and on that condition he is authorized to replenish the vacancy. Finding of the Department of Education c. Bamsh-1910-1201-G Dt. As per the requirements of the determination dated 6/06/2018. Laborers who get recently elected after 01/04/2018 will not be capable for vacancy insurance. Nomination of the recently appointed candidate on the circumstance of reasonable assistance for 5 (five) years with the remedied monthly salary fixed by the Education Department.will exist accomplished.

A new enhanced subsidy strategy will be applicable for the appointed tuition deputy. 
If the nominee has knowledge, the diploma of experience should be attended by the results of the school of his topic and the findings of the public inspection.
Nominee is compelled to have proficiency of commuter as per existing legislation of government.
If the candidate is not able to produce the fitness certificate of civil surgeon, he / she will have to fulfill the ago ve remembered diploma before occurring in the employment nomination. 11) If the competitor needs, he can mail a copy of the application to the District Education Officer.
All the methods respecting recruitment will be in accord with the existing rules of the Government. 12) Applications obtained after the stipulated time threshold will not stand ratified.

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