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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

In the problem of coVID-19, the state government has authorized to decrease the syllabus of Std 9 to 12.

In the problem of coVID-19, the state government has authorized to decrease the syllabus of Std 9 to 12.

Relief to students: Gujarat Board  9 to 12 course curtailed by 30%, unpaid to Corona, Std. 10-12 board exam will prevail clasped in May 2021 and Std.

 The new rule will only apply for one year due to the current corona condition

 In online education students will be taught the full course but only 70% will be asked

 The Gujarat government has decreased the syllabus of Std.  The government has agreedto decrease the curriculum, providing discriminatory solace to teachers due to the global inflammation of corona.  Notably, the research is jogging online so remote as students in the state are nowadays powerless to go to school due to corona.  Not only that, in the current online education, students will be educated the whole lesson but the board's paper will be begged only from 70% of the courses, announced Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama.

 The study statute will pertain for one year only
 The state government has lessened the curriculum of learners in Gujarat by 30 per cent for one year.  Unpaid to the recent corona circumstance, this law will only pertain for one year.  Not hardly that, standard 10 and 12 students will exist prepared to take anxiety free exams.  Nonetheless, the Gujarat government has not also seized a judgment on when the schools will start but according to the Centre's SOP, a ruling may be seized to start the colleges after Diwali.

 A judgment that alleviates students
 When the syllabus of standard 9 to 12 has been lessened, the issues coating the problems of the minor syllabus will not be begged in the examination.  Nonetheless its teaching teachers have to pay attention to the educational interest of the students.  Outstanding care has been taken to assure that the learners do not confront any problem in the athletic analysis due to the minor syllabus.

 To be taken in the month of May.  10th and 12th exams

 Tuition Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama declared openly that a 30 per cent cut in the curriculum has been earned in the interest of students.  Students now focus on 70 percent of the curriculum.  In the midst of the Corona epidemic, Std.  To code 10th and 12th analyses in the month of May and Std.  9 and std.  The 11th exam is planned to be held in June.  May 21 std.  10th and 12th exams will live begun.

Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education , Gandhinagar K.
Clasp Release In the circumstance of coVID-19, the ruling of the State Government to reduce the curriculum m from Std. 9 to 12 in the interest of the students. The press discharge of Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education states that in the recent situation of CoVID-12 in place of Hon'ble Education Minister  In the existence of the officers of the Education Department at the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education for consideration on lessening the working days and curriculum in the schools  Meetings were held on the 2nd.  A conference was held at STTI, Gandhinagar on 9/07/2050 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Minister of Education to consider this course, in which intellectuals as well as specialists and administrators of different domains were current. 
The work could not exist accomplished.  But the task of teaching learners through online tuition has been done through different mediums.  In the current situation, the curriculum m has been reduced by CBSE as well as additional state committees as well as articulations have been obtained from students and parents to reduce the curriculum.  In the income of the students in the established circumstance of COvip-19, the State Government has decided to reduce the general curriculum in all the colleges comprehended by Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education for the academic year 2020-21 by a rated 30%. 

.  So that the suspicion of learners can exist inferior and Std-12

In all the schools, it has existed decided to lessen the curriculum from Std-9 to Std-12 by an estimated 30% for the academic year 2020-21, so that the stress of the students can be lessened and the teachers of Std-10 and Std-12 can ready well for the board exams.  The problems lessened from the syllabus of Std-9 to 1 have been curtailed for the goal of examination i.e. those issues have been canceled from the syllabus.  From there, problems will not occur asked in the examination, but in the academic interest of the students, the teachers will have to impart the knowledge of this issue to the students, this matter will be acceptable only for the educational year 2020-201.  Care has been taken to ensure that trickled divisions do not evolve a topic while lessening the syllabus and learners do not face any problem in athletic examinations.

 ધોરણ 9 થી 12 ની પરીક્ષા ક્યારે લેવાશે વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

A comprehensive brochure in this concern will be published by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.  In which the circumstances of the continuous chapters / problems in the syllablebus of Puran-9 to 12 topics as well as the chapters / problems abolished from the syllabus will be brought to all the schools comprehended by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board through all the District Education Officers.  Expectation be spotted,

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