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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Gujarat Government Yojna Whatsapp Helpdesk no 0261 2300000

Gujarat Government  Yojna Whatsapp Helpdesk no 0261 2300000

A different ambition has been put up with by BJP's Technosevi nation prepaid ent CR Patil. Inhabitants of the nation will directly be prepared to handily admission evidence on several administration strategies from home through h the WhatsApp helpdesk. Yesterday, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani established the WhatsApp Helpdesk under the advice of BJP state president CR Patil to give rise to all the schemes of the government accessible to the quantities.

How to buy plan evidence

Residents will have to save '0261 2300000' number in their mobile and send 'hi' message.

This will be attended by a statement, the answer to which will come with a list number of proposals by typing '0' (zero).

Residents will be notified about the scheme in article by mailing the number of the scheme so that the detailed evidence of the scheme will come through the statement.

Therefore, this WhatsApp helpdesk has been readied for the objective of earning all the schemes of the Gujarat government accessible to the quantities. Therefore, complete evidence about administration strategies will exist effortlessly accessible to the inhabitants.


It is to exist remembered that several species of Gujarat are not conscious of the public welfare schemes executed by the government. So several nation are compelled of this advantage. The ambition has been put up with to assure that additional and additional species in Gujarat take benefit of this and give detailed evidence about the scheme at a click.

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