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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Download for Indian SOS Women Safety | Disha | Emergency Alert | APK Download Now

Download for Indian SOS Women Safety | Disha | Emergency Alert | APK Download Now

Indian Women Safety application is earned for ensuring existences of species in any disaster circumstances. In lawsuit of any difficult circumstance, virtually TAP the SOS snap to put forward a disaster SOS warning to the formal connections recouped in the dressing. The SOS readied will exist as SMS education that you are difficult and want assistance. The SMS joins precise recent GPS province with lecture of the consumer finish by google diagrams interface. The formal connections can utilize this google maps interface with give inscriptions and examine to the personal province of the angry person. The dressing can be employed for your own safety, women wellbeing and adolescents safety.

Women Safety application in like way gives advice to ladies wellbeing, tips to flee from peril, Indian reformatory code sections pertained to ladies and summaries that enables for soul preservation.
To send the SOS warning to the trusted in connections, customer should comprehend extremely limited permissions that prompts with in the petition. These yielded permissions awards application to buy the area nuances, bought connections, perform calls and send sms.

App Highlights:
• SOS Emergency Alert
• Women Safety Tips
• Tips to Escape from Threats
• Self-protect Videos
• IPC Sections Related to Women Safety

Why this App?
• Works without Internet
• SMS founded

Download APK: Click here

 Helps even in deep federation warnings
• No User Data is compiled distant out
• Very bright strength

Ladies' safety application is formulated for SOS warnings if there ought to live a circumstance of any accidents. So architect existsn't at hazard for any maltreatment of the request.

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