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Monday, September 28, 2020

Great News For Electricity Consumers, Get These 10 Rights For The First Time.

Great News For Electricity Consumers, Get These 10 Rights For The First Time.

The administration has commenced the method for modern laws for energy customers across the nation, a design has been readied by the Ministry of Power for which several freedoms have been provided
The region's electricity customers will give an amount of right

આ પણ વાંચો::ટૂ-વ્હીલર ચાલકો માટે સરકારે નવા નિયમો બહાર પાડ્યા

Inaugurate ready for the freedoms of customers

This plan can exist provided till 30th September
For the early period, the Union Ministry of Power has inaugurated laws to provide freedoms to the nation's energy customers. The customer is the hugest successor in the energy district and it is because of them that this district is. It is extremely crucial to give electricity to all inhabitants as adequately as enjoyment

આ પણ વાંચો:: તમારા ગામ તથા શહેર માં સરકાર કેટલી ગ્રાન્ટ આપે  છે જાણો..

For the early period, the administration has readied a plan in the income of customers. Asked for guidance, deliberation, announcement on this design till September 30 by the Ministry of Power. The church published a design in this respect on September 9. And will live completed in impression of all successive guidance and recommendations

Favorable and simple procedure for relationship : just two papers for electrical connections up to 10 kW and no general pressure payment for burdens up to 150 kW to speed up the relationship.

The interval for awarding modern relationships and enhancing occurring relationships shall not outperform 7 days in metro cities, 15 days in additional metropolitan regions and 30 days in pastoral regions.

2 to 5 percent rebate on billing with a hesitation of 60 days or additional. Construction of State Electricity Commission to deduce the quantity of consumers per year and the length of outage for electricity diffusion corporations DISCOM

આ પણ વાંચો ::ગજબની બાઇક, 7 રૂપિયામાં 100 કિલોમીટર દોડશે, નહીં પડે લાયસન્સની જરૂર

To provide the choice to reimburse extraordinary statutes through ugh money, inspection, debit card and net banking etc. and barely Rs. 1000 or additional bills can be spent online

Requirements pertained to disconnection, re-connection, meter alternate, billing and expenditure etc.

Comprehending the range of customers as a sequel of prozumers, this is a person who is a customer of electricity as adequately as has established solar power appliance on the ground. in lawsuit of hesitation in assistance by electricity diffusion corporations and compensation as distant as feasible in the bill.

24x7 Toll-free call center, web-based assistance and public assistance SMS and e-mail for work very as modern relation, disconnection, re-connection, difference of relationship locale, name difference, difference of weight, difference of meter, energy ration.

Institution of Consumer  Grievance Redressal Forum With 2-3 deputies of customers at several degrees from alternate district to promote redressal of customer complaints
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