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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Why Is the Mona Lisa So Famous?

 Why Is the Mona Lisa So Famous?

Five centuries after Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa (1503–19), the portrait hangs behind bulletproof glass within the Louvre Museum and draws thousands of jostling spectators each day. It is the most famous painting in the world, and yet, when viewers manage to see the artwork up close, they are likely to be baffled by the small subdued portrait of an ordinary woman. She’s dressed modestly in a translucent veil, dark robes, and no jewelry. Much has been said about her smile and gaze, but viewers still might wonder what all the fuss is about. Along with the mysteries of the sitter’s identity and her enigmatic look, the reason for the work’s popularity is one of its many conundrums. Although many theories have attempted to pinpoint one reason for the art piece’s celebrity, the most compelling arguments insist that there is no one explanation. The Mona Lisa’s fame is the result of many chance circumstances combined with the painting’s inherent appeal.

There is no doubt that the Mona Lisa is a very good painting. It was highly regarded even as Leonardo worked on it, and his contemporaries copied the then novel three-quarter pose. The writer Giorgio Vasari later extolled Leonardo’s ability to closely imitate nature. Indeed, the Mona Lisa is a very realistic portrait. The subject’s softly sculptural face shows Leonardo’s skillful handling of sfumato, an artistic technique that uses subtle gradations of light and shadow to model form, and shows his understanding of the skull beneath the skin. The delicately painted veil, the finely wrought tresses, and the careful rendering of folded fabric reveal Leonardo’s studied observations and inexhaustible patience. And, although the sitter’s steady gaze and restrained smile were not regarded as mysterious until the 19th century, viewers today can appreciate her equivocal expression. Leonardo painted a complex figure that is very much like a complicated human.

Many scholars, however, point out that the excellent quality of the Mona Lisa was not enough by itself to make the painting a celebrity. There are, after all, many good paintings. External events also contributed to the artwork’s fame. That the painting’s home is the Louvre, one of the world’s most-visited museums, is a fortuitous circumstance that has added to the work’s stature. It arrived at the Louvre via a circuitous path beginning with Francis I, king of France, in whose court Leonardo spent the last years of his life. The painting became part of the royal collection, and, for centuries after, the portrait was secluded in French palaces until the Revolution claimed the royal collection as the property of the people. Following a stint in Napoleon’s bedroom, the Mona Lisa was installed in the Louvre Museum at the turn of the 19th century. As patronage of the Louvre grew, so too did recognition of the painting.

The identity of the portrait’s sitter soon became more intriguing. Although many scholars believe that the painting depicts Lisa Gherardini, wife of the Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo, no records of such a commission from Francesco exist, and the sitter has never been conclusively identified. The unknown identity has thus lent the figure to whatever characterization people wanted to make of her. During the Romantic era of the 19th century, the simple Florentine housewife who may have been portrayed was transformed into a mysterious seductress. The French writer Théophile Gautier described her as a “strange being…her gaze promising unknown pleasures,” while others went on about her perfidious lips and enchanting smile. The English author Walter Pater went so far as to call her a vampire who “has been dead many times, and learned the secrets of the grave.” The air of mystery that came to surround the Mona Lisa in the 19th century continues to define the painting and draw speculation

Meanwhile, the 19th century also mythologized Leonardo as a genius. Throughout the centuries after his death, he was well regarded—but no more so than his esteemed contemporaries Michelangelo and Raphael. Some scholars have noted, however, that, as interest in the Renaissance grew in the 19th century, Leonardo became more popularly seen not only as a very good painter but also as a great scientist and inventor whose designs prefigured contemporary inventions. Many of his so-called inventions were later debunked, and his contributions to science and architecture came to be seen as small, but the myth of Leonardo as a genius has continued well into the 21st century, contributing to the Mona Lisa’s popularity.

The writers of the 19th century aroused interest in the Mona Lisa, but the theft of the painting in 1911 and the ensuing media frenzy brought it worldwide attention. When news of the crime broke on August 22 of that year, it caused an immediate sensation. People flocked to the Louvre to gape at the empty space where the painting had once hung, the museum’s director of paintings resigned, accusations of a hoax splashed across newspapers, and Pablo Picasso was even arrested as a suspect! Two years later the painting was found in Italy after an art dealer in Florence alerted the local authorities that a man had contacted him about selling it. The man was Vincenzo Peruggia, an Italian immigrant to France, who had briefly worked at the Louvre fitting glass on a selection of paintings, including the Mona Lisa. He and two other workers took the portrait from the wall, hid with it in a closet overnight, and ran off with it in the morning. Unable to sell the painting because of the media attention, Peruggia hid it in the false bottom of a trunk until his capture. He was tried, convicted, and imprisoned for the theft while the painting toured Italy before it made its triumphant return to the Louvre. By then, many French people had come to regard the work as a national treasure that they had lost and recovered.

The Mona Lisa was certainly more famous after the heist, but World War I soon consumed much of the world's attention. Some scholars argue that Marcel Duchamp’s playful defacement of a postcard reproduction in 1919 brought attention back to the Mona Lisa and started a trend that would make the painting one of the most-recognized in the world. He played against the worship of art when he drew a beard and mustache on the lady’s face and added the acronym L.H.O.O.Q. (meant to evoke a vulgar phrase in French) at the bottom. That act of irreverence caused a small scandal, and other cunning artists recognized that such a gag would bring them attention. For decades after, other artists, notably Andy Warhol, followed suit. As artists distorted, disfigured, and played with reproductions of the Mona Lisa, cartoonists and admen exaggerated her further still. Over the decades, as technology improved, the painting was endlessly reproduced, sometimes manipulated and sometimes not, so that the sitter’s face became one of the most well known in the world, even to those who had little interest in art.

A tour of the painting to the United States in 1963 and to Japan in 1974 elevated it to celebrity status. The Mona Lisa traveled to the United States in no less than a first-class cabin on an ocean liner and drew about 40,000 people a day to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., during the portrait’s six-week stay. Large crowds greeted the portrait in Japan about ten years later. What’s more, as travel has become increasingly affordable since the late 20th century, more and more individuals have been able to visit Paris and pay their respects in person, contributing to the unyielding crowds of today.

Although the Mona Lisa is undoubtedly good art, there is no single reason for its celebrity. Rather, it is hundreds of circumstances—from its fortuitous arrival at the Louvre to the mythmaking of the 19th century to the endless reproductions of the 20th and 21st centuries—that have all worked together with the painting’s inherent appeal to make the Mona Lisa the world’s most famous painting ever.

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Online trading is the best way of additional income in today's time, know about it

 Online trading is the best way of additional income in today's time, know about it

In today's time, for a comfortable lifestyle, it is very important that you have many sources of additional income, so that you can earn extra money very easily. Financial stability can come in your life only if you have many such sources from which you can make additional income. You can very easily make extra money through online trading, which acts as a great financial backup for you.

Why is additional source of income necessary?

In today's time man wants to live happily and peacefully by fulfilling his needs as well as his dreams, but it cannot be fulfilled only by your salary. For this it is very important that you also have sources of additional income, only then you will be able to fulfill your dreams apart from the needs. Being a source of additional income is no less than a fortune in today's time. In the rising inflation, salary alone will not work. In such a situation, it is very important that you have a good source of additional income, so that you can make your future comfortable and better. Only then will you have financial stability. So let us know which are the better sources of additional income in today's time?

'Savings Account' or 'Fixed Deposit': You can invest through a bank's 'Savings Account' or 'Fixed Deposit'. It is considered a good investment for a short period of time, due to which you get interest along with the principal in a short period of time. In this type of investment, you are given 100% security by the bank.

You can invest in real estate: There are many investment options available in the market today, but investing in real estate is the first choice of people. Most people are not able to differentiate between home and real estate investment. They feel that both the properties are the same, but both have different needs and priorities. Therefore, it is very important to take care of many things before investing in property.

You can invest in Gold: Gold is considered an important part of India. Indian women are very fond of gold jewellery. There are also instruments like Sovereign Gold Bonds and Gold ETFs for those investing in gold, which serve as additional income and safe haven funds. Also, people are now investing in liquid gold in addition to physical gold.

Online trading is also the best way to invest

Trading is the process of buying and selling any goods or services. Along with this, analyzing the graph to make predictions on the price of a particular property is also a part of trading. This is mainly done with the hope of making additional salary and profit, but will your company do well. Share prices will go up and will you profit? It is also very important to keep all these things in mind while trending. If you do not invest wisely and cautiously, then you can also suffer losses.

If you are also thinking of doing online trading or are looking for a means of additional earning, then it is very important to have complete information about it. It is important to choose a trading platform that not only gives you the assurance of safety, but also gives you the right information, tools and practices to trade. In this case, Binomo can prove to be a different and better platform for you, which provides an opportunity to open deals on certain properties and make a prediction on its price, whether it will go up or down.

Trading from home is now comfortable, if you work with your intelligence, then Binomo can become a convenient and user friendly platform for trading, but online trading is not a child's play, here even the most experienced traders get defeated. . Therefore, it is very important to understand every detail before starting trading so that the upcoming risks can be avoided to some extent. In such a situation, Binomo focuses on training the users in the field of online trading and on the other hand also helps the experienced traders in online trading to become experts in this field.

Plus, the Binomo trading app gives you the opportunity to start with $1000 in a demo account. $1000 on a demo account is virtual, which cannot be withdrawn, but this virtual amount is returned in case of loss in trades. This is for practice purpose only, with the help of which you can improve your trading skills.

You can do online trading from home in these easy steps

After registering on the website of Binomo. com, you need to make a deposit to trade on the real account.

In case of fund withdrawal, verification is required.

You can start your account with a minimum amount of Rs 350, with a minimum trade price of Rs 70. While there is no restriction on the number of trades.

Investing in online trading is a good thing, but it is very important to know and understand the risks associated with it before investing in trading.

Along with this, investment should be made keeping in mind all the needs of the house. To trade on any platform, it is very important to have experience and knowledge in this area. Investing wisely can also give you benefits when the time comes.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Do these 4 exercises after eating food, will help in digestion

 Do these 4 exercises after eating food, will help in digestion

Exercise After Eating for Digestion: Nowadays everyone is so confused between home, office and career that they do not get time for themselves. It also affects health. Staying physically active is very important to stay healthy, especially after eating food. Often people start working or go to sleep immediately after eating food. Due to this the food is not digested well, the digestive system also starts getting weak. So if you always want to be healthy, then after eating food, take out 15-20 minutes for yourself. During this, keep yourself active, walk. This helps in getting the food digested.

Can I exercise after eating food?

After eating food, it is very important to exercise to digest the food. But light exercise should always be done after eating. Heavy exercise or workout should be avoided. You can do light exercise after eating food. With this your food will be digested well. You will also not have the problem of gas, indigestion and constipation.

So let's know which exercise should be done after eating food-

1. Walk

Walk is also a type of exercise. You can also stay physically active by this. Therefore, it is always advisable to walk after having food. Walking after a meal makes it easier to digest food. There is not much pressure on the digestive system. The problem of gas, indigestion and constipation can be avoided by walking after eating. You can walk for 15-20 minutes after having food.

2. Adamintine Pose

You can also sit in Administine pose after having a meal. The food gets digested easily by sitting in the administration pose. It is considered one of the best exercise after eating this food. Admintine Pose stretches the muscles of the upper body and abdomen, relaxing the breathing. This exercise pose promotes digestion of food.

To sit in this pose, first of all, sit down with your legs straight. After this, bend your legs from the knees and take them backwards. During this, your feet will remain under the hips. Keep your back straight. Now place your hands on your knees, take a deep breath. Sit in this exercise pose for 10-15 minutes.

3. Core Exercises

By the way, it is advisable not to exercise after eating food. If you feel bloating, abdominal pain after eating, then you can do core exercises on the advice of experts. This strengthens the muscles, and also helps in making bowel movements easier.

4. Sukhasana

You can also digest food while sitting in Sukhasana. But after eating one should sit in Sukhasan for 5-10 minutes only. After that you should walk. This will increase the energy level in your body. At the same time, you will remain active and stomach diseases will remain away.

One should never sit or lie down immediately after having a meal, as this puts pressure on the digestive system and causes it to deteriorate quickly. After eating food, you must do some light exercise to digest it. Due to this the digestive system always remains healthy. You do not have to face any problems related to digestion. Please consult an expert before doing any exercise after eating.

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Monday, August 08, 2022

If you do not sleep, then follow these easy home remedies, the effect will be visible soon

 If you do not sleep, then follow these easy home remedies, the effect will be visible soon

Most of us are working from home. Due to inability to go out and lack of physical activity, the problem of sleeplessness has taken birth in most of the people. There is no fixed bedtime due to work from home. After waking up late at night, most of the people get up and work at the same time in the morning. This is the reason that nowadays people have started having sleep problems. If you also have this problem, then by trying these methods, you can fix both your routine and sleep:

set time

First of all set a bedtime. Your body adapts to your routine. Your body needs sleep at night. So go to sleep at a fixed time every day. This will fix your daily routine and in a few days you will start falling asleep at the right time.

get your room ready

Darken the room in which you are sleeping. If you have trouble in a completely dark room, try turning on a very small and low-light light. Keep the phone away from yourself and if possible, stop using the phone 1 hour before sleeping.


After a whole day's work, your mind gets tired along with your body. That's why meditation calms your mind before sleeping. This improves concentration and makes it easier to sleep, as there are fewer thoughts in the mind.

don't watch the time

If you have woken up at any time of the night and can't sleep again, don't look at the time. By looking at the time, there is panic, the mind starts running and different types of thoughts come in the mind. It is better that you take long breaths and lie down with your eyes closed. If thoughts start coming in the mind, then either think something good in the mind itself or chant Om etc. This will not distract attention and will make it easier to fall asleep.

keep room temperature low

If it is too hot in the room, it is difficult to fall asleep. Similarly, even if your room is too cold, you wake up again and again. So keep the temperature of the room from 26 to 27 degrees or determine the temperature in which your body is comfortable.

eat right before sleeping

What do you eat before sleeping? This also has to be taken care of because it also affects your sleep. According to research, if you eat high carbohydrate or heavy food before sleeping, then there may be trouble in falling asleep. Eat food at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

don't forget to exercise

If you do not get much time in the morning, then exercise for 25 to 30 minutes only, but exercise daily. Working out in the morning improves your sleep schedule.

sleep on a comfy mattress

A good pillow and mattress as well as a good comfy mattress, being comfy also helps to sleep well. For this, use such clothes in which you do not feel too cold or hot. A good sleeping place also helps in good sleep.

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These 5 health risks can be caused by drinking less water, know how much water you should drink in a day

 These 5 health risks can be caused by drinking less water, know how much water you should drink in a day

It is very important to maintain the balance of water in the body to stay healthy. Actually, when you drink less water, our body automatically signals that you are drinking less water. When our body lacks water, we feel thirsty. Lack of water can cause you to suffer from dehydration. It can also cause you problems like headache and fatigue. It can happen at any age. Apart from this, the color of our urine also turns yellow due to drinking less water and due to excessive sweating or exercise, your body may also be deficient in water. So you should drink enough water throughout the day. Dehydration can also lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. However, it is not necessary that you drink only plain water throughout the day. You can also consume juice, smoothies or other liquids instead. This also helps in maintaining the fluid level in the body. Let's know in detail how drinking less water can harm your body and how much water you should drink in a day. We discussed this in detail with dietician Archana Batra of Diet Clinic and Doctor Hub Clinic.

Side Effects of Drinking Less Water)

1. Problem of constipation

If you take less amount of water throughout the day, then it can cause you constipation problem. In fact, taking less amount of water makes the body less able to digest food and has trouble passing stool, so you can drink water half an hour before eating and half an hour after eating. It can cure all your digestive problems.

2. UTI related problems

Lack of water in the body can lead to urinary tract infection. Actually, water helps to clean our body from inside and with the help of urine, the body dirt gets out in the form of urea, but if you do not consume proper amount of water, then there is a risk of infection. .

3. Increase in kidney problems

Kidney works to remove impurities from our body but kidney function can also be affected due to lack of water. Also, the risk of kidney stones in the body also increases, so you need to drink more water.

4. Skin dehydration

Many people work very hard to get glowing and beautiful skin but they don't pay attention to one of the most important thing that they should drink water throughout the day. Lack of water makes the skin dry and lifeless. If you want to keep your skin hydrated and glowing, you should drink enough water.

5. Energy level and brain function affected

Not drinking enough water throughout the day can lower your energy levels and affect your brain's ability to function. This can cause your mood to deteriorate, lack of concentration and headache. This affects your work throughout the day

So you need to drink plenty of water.

How much water should be drunk?

Everyone needs to drink 2-3 liters of water in a day. If you do not know the quantity of water in liters, then you can drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Even this does not cause lack of water in your body. Apart from this you can also consume juices, smoothies, soups and other liquids, but this does not mean that you can also consume tea or coffee as a liquid because the caffeine in the body is absorbed by the consumption of tea or coffee. can increase and cause dehydration. Drinking more water helps in burning calories and helps in losing weight faster.

Keep these things in mind

1. The amount of water also depends on where you live. Actually if you live in hot, humid or dry areas, you need to drink more water to keep the body hydrated.

2. You may also need to drink more water due to diet. Many people are in the habit of drinking coffee or tea several times a day but as we have already mentioned this can increase the amount of caffeine in your body. This can increase the risk of dehydration. Also if you eat more oily or spicy food, you need to drink more water.

3. Sometimes the amount of water depends on the weather and temperature because more sweat is released due to higher temperature or exercise, which can lead to dehydration in the body.

4. If you are more active throughout the day, you need to consume more water. However, for this you do not need to fix any quantity but just need to drink plenty of water when you feel thirsty.

5. Even during pregnancy or breastfeeding you need to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated.

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Top 10 Popular Game Development Companies in India 2022 – 2023

 Top 10 Popular Game Development Companies in India 2022 – 2023

Game development companies in India can deliver a complete automated gaming solution efficiently maintaining the entire game development life-cycle. Top Game development companies in India can build gaming platforms that are equitable across all platforms using advanced gaming technologies

Game development is much more than just programming or coding. It is the art of making something special for someone by blending a good story, design, sounds, programming, development, release and everything in between. It is not as easy to develop as it seems. But trusting Top Game Development Company India can change the way one interacts with the games as they help to enhance the gaming experience keeping the user experience in the center.

Game development companies in India can deliver a complete automated gaming solution efficiently maintaining the entire game development life-cycle. Top Game development companies in India can build gaming platforms that are equitable across all platforms using advanced gaming technologies such as including 2D, 3D, Unity, Mobile, video, Metaverse games and many more.

So, Top Software has made a list of Top 10 game Development companies in India in 2022 - 2023 that provides best in class gaming development solutions blending next-gen technologies to the global audience based out in various cities of India such as Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and many others. The team of Top Software have considered game development experience, skills, customer reviews, team size and various other things to make the list of Top game developers in India 2022 – 2023 and coming years.

1. Hyperlink Info System

Hyperlink Info System, an IT company with headquarters in India and various other offices in the USA, UK, Canada, UAE etc. offers ideal gaming solutions overpowered with graphics. Hyperlink Info System game developers are delivering amazing gaming solutions for gamers around the globe leveraging next gen technologies such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Metaverse, 2D, 3D, AR, VR and even casual gaming solutions. They have been developing dazzling visual encounters that can perfectly fit the client's requirements since 2011.

2. Unanimous Studios

Unanimous Studios provides various game design and development solutions for various platforms including iPhone, Android and even computer operating systems such as Macs and PCs. The game developers at Unanimous Studios are dedicatedly engaged in developing highly robust games.

3. Scientific Games

Scientific Games provides gaming solutions with relentless innovation, legendary performance and unwavering security. Scientific Games is a global leader when it comes to lottery games, sports betting and technology. They push the game designs to the next level with cutting-edge backend systems to exciting entertainment gaming experiences.

4. Griptonite Games India Pvt. Ltd

Griptonite Games is the leading developer of high quality, fun games for handheld platforms. Griptonite has more than 100 people who are passionate about making handheld games. The game developers are not only experts at taking full advantage of each system's unique capabilities, but they are also experts at designing games that are perfect for gaming on the go.

5. Tech Mahindra

Ever since its foundation in 1945, Tech Mahindra provides various IT development solutions including game development, cloud services, data analytics services, SAP, cyber security and many more. Now Tech Mahindra is one of the fastest-growing IT services provider companies and amongst the top 15 IT service providers globally.

6. Nautilus Mobile

Nautilus Mobile creates the best simulation based sports/cricket entertainment by making games that change the way people have fun. They follow the motto of it is not cricket if it is not real and simulate the same experience and enjoyment of cricket that people have while playing on the ground through mobile and video gaming solutions.

7. Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services including IoT services, blockchain, cloud gaming solutions and many more. Infosys has its client base in more than 50 countries helping them to navigate their digital transformation with over four decades of experience.

8. Timuz

TIMUZ is a leading interactive entertainment and game development company for the mobile world. Established in the year 2010 in India, Timuz gives its best in design, development, test and publishing a wide array of games crossing various genres whether it could be an arcade, Action, adventure casual RPG or even Casual across all platforms.

9. GSN Games

Holding all the aces, GSN Games create and publish social casino and casual games designed to fuel every player’s inner winner. Founded in 1999, GSN Games is a leading provider of cross-platform entertainment, including social casino games and skill-based cash tournaments designed to fuel every player's inner winner.

10. HData Systems

HData Systems have constantly delivered top-notch development with a mixture of logical tactics in all stages of game development with various technologies such as AR, VR, 2D, 3D, Unity and many more. The Game developers at HData Systems take innovative approaches in all stages like planning, creative design, coding, deployment, and testing the developed gaming solutions across diverse platforms.

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Thursday, August 04, 2022

Top 7 Best Perfume Brands in India

 Top 7 Best Perfume Brands in India

Here You can find the List of Top best Perfume Brands in India.

The fragrance market in India is anticipated to reach INR 139.44 billion by 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~15.93% during the forecast period, from its 2019 value of INR 66.58 billion.

List of Top Best Perfume Brands in India

So here is the List of Top Best Perfume Brands in India which is sorted out based on the Market share

1. Fogg

Fogg is one of the Brand from VINI. The brand is the largest in the list of top perfume brands in India based on the Market share.

Market Share: 16 %

VINI International is an entrepreneurial venture started by Mr. Darshan Patel , the DNA of Paras Pharmaceuticals ltd, instrumental in creating great brands like Moov, D’Cold, Set Wet, Ring Guard and Dermi Coolof which most of them were leaders in their respective categories.

2. Nivea

As one of the leading companies in the field of Perfume – with more than 130 years of experience – The Brand products always cater for the needs of consumers, who place a great deal of faith.

Market Share: 16 %

The Company is Second in the list of top perfume brands in India based on the Market share.

3. Engage

ITC has launched Engage Cologne Sprays – a range of exquisite Colognes for men and women. Engage Cologne Sprays have higher fragrance dosage & 0% Gas – thereby enabling long lasting chemistry. Engage Cologne Sprays consists 8 exquisitely crafted fragrances – 4 for Men & 4 for Women.

Market Share: 11 %

Engage has introduced a new range of perfume sprays for men & women. Crafted by international experts this range delivers strong and long lasting fragrances. This range has been launched in a clear transparent packaging.

Engage has introduced a new range of perfume sprays for men & women. Crafted by international experts this range delivers strong and long lasting fragrances. This range has been launched in a clear transparent packaging.

In 2017, Engage has introduced a new sub-range in the deodorant space called “Engage Sport”. These deos have high fragrance concentration that delivers long lasting freshness when you need it the most. Engage revolutionises the perfume segment with the launch of Engage ON, a range of Pocket Perfumes. Engage ON has introduced six fragrances for men and women.

Engage announced the launch of its first range of premium perfumes Engage L’amante, crafted for Love, made exquisitely in France. The sensual and enigmatic feeling of Love in Paris has inspired Engage L’amante. The melange of the French scents are a celebration of uninhibited, unbridled spirit of love that Paris is a symbol of. Engage L’amante is available in 2 variants, one for Man & Woman each.

4. Park Avenue

Park Avenue is one the top perfume brands in India. The Park Avenue range includes Fragrances, Body Care Solutions, Shaving Systems and Hair Care Solutions for the grooming needs of today’s man. Over the years, the Park Avenue range of Personal Care and Grooming products have earned a reputation for being amongst the best in the industry.

Park Avenue products are developed using international standard fragrances and a high level of research to ensure that the products stand the test of quality and consistency. The Company is among the list of top perfume brands in India.

5. Axe

All Axe fragrances are specially crafted by the world’s leading perfumers to help men smell and feel their best, adding that touch of magic to life. Axe has a variety of male grooming products such as Axe deodorants, aftershave lotions, shaving cream, Cologne talc & body perfumes.

Axe was born in France on 6th June 1983, and since then, it has been the epitome of modern masculinity and individual attraction. Axe is now used by men in more than 90 countries, from the Americas to Asia. The brand mission is to help every man break away from stereotypes.

There isn’t a single definition of masculinity, in fact, every man has his own identity. Axe embraces the differences in every person.

With a full line of male grooming products including body sprays, deodorants, body washes, shampoos and styling products, Axe empowers men to express what makes them authentic and ultimately attractive to the world around them.

In addition to being World number 1 Male Deodorant Brand*, Axe is a lifestyle brand that speaks to both young men and women through unique experiences.

The cool, iconic brand Axe was launched in India in 1999 with Axe deodorants. In India, Axe has a variety of male grooming products such as Axe deodorants, aftershave lotions, shaving cream, Cologne talc & body perfumes. All Axe fragrances are specially crafted by the world’s leading perfumers to help men smell and feel their best, adding that touch of magic to their day to day life.

Axe continues to innovate to meet consumer aspirations. In 2018, Axe launched a revolutionary pocket-sized perfume called ‘Axe Ticket’. This new format aims to make fragrances and grooming products more accessible.

6. Wild Stone

For a Wild Stone guy, life’s an occasion. Every moment is worth a celebration. Wild Stone helps you celebrate life to the core by keeping you prepared for all the special moments. Don’t just live them, make it memorable.

There’s a fragrance suited for every occasion to chisel out your persona, and let you take the centre stage. So exuberate confidence, get noticed, define power and feel stylish with a dash of your favourite Wild Stone.

It all began in 2005, when Wild Stone ventured into the Indian male grooming segment. The fragrances instantly became a hit and paved the way for every Indian male to discover the world of grooming. Wild Stone, as a brand, has evolved through the years. We started our first media campaign for Wild Stone Deos in 2007 and took the world by storm.

7. Denver

Denver is one of India’s most saleable Perfume brands. Voted as ‘India most Promising Brand’ in the Men Grooming Category. The Brand is among the List of top perfume brands in India Based on the Market share.

Denver is one the top perfume brands in India. Who likes to smell good. The luxury fragrances that Denver brings to the market are really good.

So finally these are the list of Top 10 Best Perfume Brands in India based on the Market share.

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The 13 most expensive houses in the world

The 13 most expensive houses in the world

1. Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace might not be put up for sale anytime soon but, if it was, it would be worth around $6.7 billion dollars. With 240 bedrooms as well as a swimming pool and doctor’s surgery, it’s a place called home by the British Royal Family and is also open to the public for guided tours. 

In total, this rich house—if you can call it a mere house—contains 775 rooms: 19 state rooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms. It’s also got a huge team of staff as well as beautiful gardens. Rumour has it, there are a few other secret rooms dotted throughout this huge luxury mansion.

Estimated value: $6.7 billion

Location: London, UK

Owner: Queen of England

2. Antilia, India

Antilia is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in India, and is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic. This 400,000-square-foot building sits in the most prestigious postcode of India and reaches 27 floors, with each double-height ceiling counting as two floors. But, despite its huge height, it’s designed to withstand huge earthquakes. 

This beautiful building was designed around traditional, natural elements, but also has an entire six floors dedicated to parking. It contains a huge temple, a number of guest suites, a salon, an ice-cream parlor, and a private movie theatre for all to enjoy. It even has a snow room that spits out snowflakes, if India’s high temperatures get a little too much.

Estimated value: $2 billion 

Location: Mumbai, India

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

3. Villa Leopolda, France

Villa Leopolda sits between two of the most prestigious parts of the world: Monaco and Nice. Sumptuous and stylish, it’s a luxury property with a regal past and previously belonged to King Leopold II of Belgium. Since then, it’s passed through the hands of many owners and has also been used as a film set, for Alfred Hitchcock’s “La Main Au Collet“. 

When Edward Safra, its previous owner, passed away, he left the villa to his wife. Its huge swimming pool and excessive gardens reportedly require the daily work of more than 50 gardeners. Across the entire property, there’s 80,000-square feet of space. 

Estimated value: $750 million 

Location: French Riviera, France

Owner: Lily Safra

4. The One, United States

The One mansion is considered not only to be the most expensive house in California but also the most expensive house in the US. But it’s also The One riddled with debt and legal issues. But, despite its flaws, this is a beautiful property with gorgeous views in a breathtaking setting. 

The One is home to nine bedrooms and multiple kitchens, as well as all of the other essentials like a nightclub, a bowling alley with four lanes, a salon, a home gym, a 50-seat theatre, and a running track. It has not just a swimming pool, but also six other water features, like a jacuzzi and a moat that surrounds the luxury house. 

Estimated value: $500 million

Location: California, United States

Owner: Nile Niami

5. Villa Les Cèdres, France

The 18,000-square-foot Villa Les Cèdres is more of a luxury palace than it is a simple home. Set across 35 acres of land, this traditional luxury mansion is fit for a king—and was once owned by one. 

As well as endless bedrooms and communal spaces, this luxury property has an Olympic size swimming pool, a stunning ballroom, and even a stable with room for up to 30 horses. Outside, you’ll find 15,000 plants and 20 greenhouses with tropical flowers from all over the world. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and has multiple balconies swathed with palm trees.

Estimated value: $4.3 million

Location: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Owner: Rinat Akhmetov

6. Les Palais Bulles, France

Les Palais Bulles or, The Bubble Palace, is a little different to your ordinary million dollar house. Like its name suggests, this property is shaped like a huge, peach-colored bubble. A bird’s eye view at Les Palais Bulles reveals a collection of circular buildings. And the circle theme continues inside. 

Take a walk through The Bubble Palace and you’ll spot cylindrical beds, swimming pools and artwork. The luxury villa was designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag and features 10 suites decorated by different contemporary artists. As well as the obvious rooms, it’s also home to a sprawling, 500-seat outdoor theatre, with views overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Estimated value: $385 million

Location: Cannes, France

Owner: Pierre Cardin

7. The Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco

The Odeon Tower Penthouse might not feature a garden but it does offer spectacular views across Monaco. Known as the world’s most expensive flat, it sits at the top of a 560ft skyscraper. Overlooking the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, The Odeon Tower Penthouse has its own infinity pool complete with slide for those who fancy a salt-free swim. 

The luxury penthouse includes 38,000 square feet of space spread across five levels, with five kitchens spread throughout each floor. It’s got a dance floor, a luxurious bathroom, and even a few staff bedrooms. A parking space for the property is thought to cost around $330,000.

Estimated value: $330 million

Location: Monaco

Owner: Unknown

8. Four Fairfield Pond, United States

The Hamptons are renowned for being expensive but Four Fairfield Pond takes it to the next level. This is a luxury mansion designed for anyone who gets bored easily, thanks to its sweeping grounds and endless array of facilities. 

As well as the 39 bathrooms and 29 bedrooms, a stay here includes access to a private basketball court, a two-lane bowling alley, and a 164 seat theatre. Known as one of the largest homes in the United States, it also features 12 chimneys, a 91-foot-long dining room and a billiards room, two tennis courts, and two squash courts.

Estimated value: $248 million

Location: New York, United States

Owner: Ira Rennert

9. Ellison Estate, United States

Billionaire Larry Ellison doesn’t just own one property, but his Ellison Estate might just be the most impressive. Located in Wood side, California, this incredible waterfront property is one that’s definitely worthy of its never-ending attention. It’s actually a collection of houses inside one giant property, alongside a man-made lake, a tea house, and a bathhouse. 

It’s designed to settle into its surroundings, with a lodge-style design throughout and all of the comfy, cozy velvet sofas and fireplaces you could ever need. Set inside a gated community, it’s arguably the world’s coolest lake house and sets the scene for a relaxing holiday.

Estimated value: $200 million

Location: California, United States

Owner: Larry Ellison

10. Palazzo di More, United States

Beverly Hills-based Palazzo di More looks just as expensive as it is. Set in a prestigious neighborhood, this huge property was initially built in 2014 and was regarded as the most expensive residential complex in the United States at the time. 

Then, it was renovated both inside and out by its owner, Jeff Greene, who more than doubled the value of the property once he’d spent a few years changing it up. 12 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms is just the start of the rooms here, along with a 15,000 square foot entertainment center, a bowling alley, a 50-seat movie theatre, a disco, and even its own vineyard.

Estimated value: $195 million

Location: California, United States

Owner: Jeff Greene

11. Seven The Pinnacle, United States

This beautiful property sits on the slopes of Montana, a Christmas-card-ready luxury house that’s calling out for cozy evenings sat around a fire while it snows outside. The largest property with a private golf and ski community in the world, you’ll find Seven The Pinnacle at Yellowstone Club, surrounded by tall trees. 

Inside is even more impressive than its exteriors, with 123 rooms in total. Those include 10 bedrooms, a large and well-equipped spa with a massage area, a gym, both an outdoor and indoor pool, and fireplaces dotted throughout. It covers an area of 57,000 square feet in total.

Estimated value: $155 million

Location: Montana, United States

Owner: Tim Blixseth

12. Xanadu 2.0, United States

Bill and Melinda Gates’ impressive luxury mansion overlooks Lake Washington in Medina, Washington, and took seven years to build from scratch. Previously known as the richest man in the world, Bill Gates went above and beyond when it came to designing his house. The estate covers 66,000 square feet and features 500 Douglas fir trees. 

It’s filled with futuristic technology, like tiny pins attached to each guest’s lapel so they can control lighting, music, and temperature. It’s got an artificial stream filled with real salmon and trout, as well as six kitchens, seven bedrooms, and a computer-controlled maple tree, for when the 50 gardeners don’t get time to look after it themselves.

Estimated value: $127 million

Location: Washington, United States

Owner: Bill Gates

13. 18-19 Kensington Gardens, United Kingdom

The whole of Kensington Gardens is known for being full of millionaire properties, but 18-19 Kensington Gardens takes things a little further. Known as Nour Palace, this property was bought in the 1990s for five million dollars. 

Years of restoration—and a $90 million investment—turned it from a derelict, half-put-together house into a millionaire’s dream, with a value that’s grown exponentially. Stunning rooms come complete with traditional charm, with manicured gardens around the entire property to be enjoyed on warm spring days. A lot of the property was renovated using the same marble as that used to build the Taj Mahal. There’s a hairdressing salon, an indoor swimming pool, a spa, steam showers, and saunas as well as parking for 20 cars.

Estimated value: $222 million

Location: London, England

Owner: Lakshmi Mittal

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